Life is a Crap Shot

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Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in ...

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Einstein refused to believe in Quantum Mechanics because he said “God doesn’t throw the dice”. But life is full of probabilities. It is why we have all heard the story of the guy who smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day and lived to be 100. A group of 100 of these guys would show 99 of them died long before 100 and suffered horribly. Each decision we make raises or lowers our probability of health and happiness. What you eat raises or lowers the probability of illness. How much stress is on you and for how long raises the probability of becoming ill. Thinking negatively and being depressed raises the probability of illness and lowers the quality of life. We need to start making small changes in our life that shifts the probabilities in a positive direction. If you can’t be a vegetarian, start to reduce the amount of meat you eat. Don’t eat it 3 times a day. Don’t order it on pizza. Start to increase your plant-based foods. Join a yoga class or buy a DVD and practice it to calm yourself and stretch your muscles. Learn meditation to reduce the stress on your life. Start to give as much time to positive things as you do to negative things. Our news is all about negativity because it sells. If you are going to read the news then read stories about people doing positive real things in life. Play more with children. They tend to be more positive. They haven’t fully learned our negativity yet. Doing these things will raise the overall probability of health and happiness. After all it’s your life, live it well! It’s your crap shot!


Are Their Hidden Environmental Influences on Our Epigenetics?


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I was watching Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Wormhole”, on the Science Channel about how we may all be connected to a “web” of reality. We can’t see it or sense it in any way but its there. Modern Quantum Mechanics tells us that there are more dimensions than we can experience, time may not exist, and the universe is far more complex than we thought. With all these hidden parts of our existence that we can’t directly experience, I started to wonder if these might be influencing our epigenetics like any other part of our environment. Maybe we are influenced not only by our reality but these alternate realities science is talking about. We seem to be very complex creatures that are programmed by our environment, even the parts that we can’t directly sense. To what extent is this programming influencing us?

Are We Victims of Our Genes?


Central dogma of molecular biology

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The old biology science said that our genes control our life and who we are. This was called the “Central Dogma”. Dr Joseph Mercola talks about the old belief and the new one of epigenetics in the video below. The word Dogma means “A belief based on religion not proven scientifically”. This is humorous since it was being taught for 60 years as the basis of biology. It was never tested or proven scientifically. It was stated and seemed so obvious that everyone took it as fact. In reality it was wrong! All our biology books need to be rewritten now.   Epigenetics has been tested and we now know it is a control above our genetics based on our mind and our environment.  A similar rewrite happened in Physics when Newtonian Physics taught us that we lived in a world made of matter. With the new Quantum Physics we now know this is false! We actually live in a Universe of energy. Atoms are made up at the lowest levels of energy not matter. Matter is an illusion not a reality. The books and beliefs were slowly rewritten. Watch the video and remember your kids may still be being taught the old science of Biology but you know better.