Our Thoughts are Important

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Week 54: The Nocebo Effect

Week 54: The Nocebo Effect (Photo credit: WilliamsProjects)

We have discussed this idea on this BLOG before. Your thoughts shape who you are, how healthy you are, how you feel, etc. Think carefully, you may get what you think about. Negative people tend to find other negative people. Positive people tend to find other positive people. We know the placebo and nocebo effect is very real. The placebo effect works as good if not better than drugs. Another BLOG that I watch listed three important things to consider in our thoughts:

  1. You cannot change the past, but the future Is up to you
  2. Where you spend your time defines your life
  3. Be Grateful

Love is a powerful force. I believe we have love and we have lack of love. Lack of love shows up as hatred, anger and evil. The more you love the more you will associate with people who also love. Worrying about illness causes illness. Be positive and be loving. Watch what happens to your life!


Are Their Hidden Environmental Influences on Our Epigenetics?


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I was watching Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Wormhole”, on the Science Channel about how we may all be connected to a “web” of reality. We can’t see it or sense it in any way but its there. Modern Quantum Mechanics tells us that there are more dimensions than we can experience, time may not exist, and the universe is far more complex than we thought. With all these hidden parts of our existence that we can’t directly experience, I started to wonder if these might be influencing our epigenetics like any other part of our environment. Maybe we are influenced not only by our reality but these alternate realities science is talking about. We seem to be very complex creatures that are programmed by our environment, even the parts that we can’t directly sense. To what extent is this programming influencing us?