The logo of the Vegan Society (UK), which asso...

The logo of the Vegan Society (UK), which associated international groups of such (similar) societies based on veganism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I live south of Philadelphia near the Delaware border and vegetarian and vegan are still pretty much unheard of. Some restaurants are experimenting with vegan and vegetarian diets. Vedge in Philadelphia is one of our nations best restaurants and it’s all vegan! The food is delicious. Philly has several good vegetarian and vegan choices. I was in our local Whole Foods market this morning and they had a great selection of cookies and muffins that were 100% vegan prepared. I tried a blueberry muffin that was so delicious. Not overly sweet but great tasting. As more people go vegetarian or vegan or try it, food will change. Great new dishes will appear from creative minds. Explore your options and enjoy your food without giving up your health!