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Health information is confusing at best. We read about studies that say something is bad for you then another study says it’s good for you. People get frustrated and eat what they want. This is what large groups like the Meat packers, Diary Industry, etc want. Always remember corporations are making big money from meat, dairy products and sugar. They are protecting their industries by finding studies that support their products as good for you.

Doctors are not dietitians. At most they take one elementary class and it’s on baby diets. Their normal classes are from books paid for by big drug companies. Instead of learning the cause of illnesses, they learn how to identify a symptom and then prescribe a drug. No one is looking for cures! If we were to cure heart disease, cancer or even any of the dementia’s the drug companies would lose billions. Health is BIG BUSINESS in America!

Some rules to govern your life and your health:

  1. Understand big business’ influence on you
  2. Understand that TV commercials are powerful and influence you to buy. Watch a drug commercial. As they are talking about serious side effects including death, they are showing a loving couple or parents with kids living a happy life. This subliminal message causes you to want this solution.
  3. Understand that doctors will not have cures but drugs for you to take. They are NOT evil, they just don’t understand. You don’t have to take drugs for all problems.
  4. Do your own research on side effects of drugs, way it against health and life.
  5. Do research on what a proper diet, positive thinking and lowered stress can do for your health. This BLOG is dedicated to bringing this information to you.
  6. Understand that you are NOT controlled by your DNA. You can change bad effects via epigenetics through changes to diet, thinking and stress.
  7. Health is a matter of your choice! Choose wisely. You can be healthy or sick, it’s up to you.

You should NOT do what I write about because I write about it. I am only bringing messages from scientific groups and informed doctors to you. I bring it to you in my book and this BLOG. An eBook version of my book is about $3 and this BLOG is free. Read it, think about it and do your own research. Then make an informed decision. What is at stake is your family’s health and happiness as well as your own.


Sickness is America’s most Profitable Business!

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'In Sickness and Health' Oil on canvas

‘In Sickness and Health’ Oil on canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sickness business is booming. Gross revenues look like annual budgets of medium size countries. Profits are up. Just stop and think about the drug companies. Their products have horrible side effects yet they still spend millions to advertise them. Why? because if people die, it doesn’t matter. There are always new kids growing up to buy the drugs. Hospitals are cropping up everywhere. Medical centers are like McDonald’s on each street corner. Our health care system is costing way too much and it will break at some point.

It is sad when we look at the research I have BLOGged about and understand that health can be improved cheaply and safely by changing our diet, exercising, meditating and thinking positive. You will never see anyone advertise this on national TV. Why? because there is no money in being healthy only in being sick. Imagine a large percentage of our great country suddenly got healthy. The trillion-dollar medical & drug system would lose all that. Do you really think they want that to happen?

The Day of The Zombies!


;Title: "fast food is the best!"

;Title: “fast food is the best!” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are a nation of zombies following every commercial on TV or radio. Why are there so many drug commercials? Don’t drug companies sell to doctors? They are selling to us so we accept that this drug will fix this problem even with the horrible side effects (zombies don’t care about side affects they are already dead). We then go and tell our doctors we want that drug. So we are selling the drug to our doctors. How about food? We live on the SAD diet. Standard American Diet and its bad for us. Eating all the junk that makes us sick then we need the drugs that make us sicker. Is anyone else bothered by this cycle? The worst part is that the drugs aren’t even working. If they were we wouldn’t be building more hospitals and medical centers. Take a look we are bulging at the seams, just like our waistlines.

Health care will totally collapse if this continues. The only way to stop it is take our own health into our own hands. Start eating correctly and improve your diet. Tell your doctors you want to get off the drugs as your health improves. Don’t be SAD with your diet be happy and energized by it. You owe it to yourself and your family.Being ill causes the another epigenetic change that will make us sicker … STRESS!

Look at the picture on my BLOG today. Do you really believe Fast Food is the Best? Don’t become a statistic by eating yourself into an early grave. LIVE