ADR (Adverse Drug Reactions), The Number 6 Killer of Americans!

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Adverse Drug Reaction

Adverse Drug Reaction (Photo credit: Benicio Murray | http://www.benicio.com.au)

We have been talking about Dr Gregor’s video for last two days. He starts out talking about the top 15 causes of death in the US. At the end he mentions a 16th top cause of death which ranks as #6 on the list. It is ADR, Adverse Drug Reactions. Over 100,000 Americans die from this each year. It does NOT include deaths due to addictions or taking the drugs improperly. These are people who take the drug as prescribed but die from it. So #6 is our medical community issuing us drugs that are more harmful than the diseases we take them for. I am not blaming our doctors, most are good people who want to help but have been trained that diseases are handled by isolating symptoms and then prescribing drugs for the symptoms. They do NOT cure anything and they can kill us.

Is Your Medication Killing you?


Tips for Heart Health and Heart Disease Prevention

Tips for Heart Health and Heart Disease Prevention (Photo credit: Infographix)

Web MD says medication has negatively affects half of all heart patients. Just when we think we are in good care and are given medications to help our heart problems, we may actually be quickening our death. See this informative article on what can go wrong with your medication. The study said the drugs most often involved in errors were:
Heart disease drugs
• Diuretics
• Opioids for pain
• Cholesterol drugs
• Herbs, vitamins, supplements
• Diabetes drugs
• Anti-clotting drugs

The Land of Drugs and Home of the Sick

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drugsAmerica has become all about drugs. Now I know we need some drugs. We need operations and the drugs that go along with that. We need drugs for infections. We have gone too far with drugs to fix symptoms of other drugs, drugs that cure nothing only eliminate a symptom and drugs that can not be stopped. Think about it from a business point of view. I make a product that doesn’t do what it says. Once you buy it, you need to keep buying it. This is a billion dollar business going into a trillion-dollar one. The answer to most minor problems as well as most major illnesses like cancer, heart disease, dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and more is in our diet, stress and thinking. If you eat more plant-based foods and less saturated fats and sugar and salt, if you stress less and think positive about yourself and your life, you will be healthy and happy. No drugs needed! It is your choice.

Your Choice: Drugs or Lifestyle Changes – What do you Choose?

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Main complications of persistent high blood pr...
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Millions of Americans are overweight with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and on the verge of heart disease or even cancer. If you’re one of them, experts say that the chances are good that you could dramatically cut back on the number of medications you have to take daily or even transition off them entirely, if you make just a few lifestyle changes. WebMD talks about this choice. Doctors seldom tell patients about these choices because it is widely believed in the medical community that Americans can’t make these changes. It really is your choice to live a life of taking drugs and becoming sicker each year you service or to change your life to one of health and no drugs. You can reduce the risks of illness drastically by exercise, diet and reduce stress changes. As your illnesses decrease and your weight decreases you can reduce your medications (with your doctor’s help) and get to a point where you are medication free. We are being told that many illnesses can NOT be cured. You must take pills for the rest of your life! THIS IS NOT TRUE! Many new doctors are finding they can reverse and cure most of these diseases by lifestyle changes. Your doctor or the medical community can NOT change your lifestyle for you. They can only prescribe drugs. If you want to be healthy and drug free, you must decide to change your life. It is your choice and within your power to do so. The beauty of it is it’s free!