We are NOT DNA Predetermined but Environmentally Predetermined


An animal cell

An animal cell (Photo credit: Cindy Trussell)

Dr Lipton [See his videos on thios topic: Video #1 Video #2] says our environment feeds signals to our senses which feeds signals to our brains which filter these systems via our beliefs. The brain then sends signals to all cells which react to them causing certain genes to be activated. This activation creates RNA which encodes for a particular protein. The protein then can start the process over by signaling other cells. Dr Lipton can take a cell in a Petri Dish and remove its DNA. The cell continues to live and function. This proves our DNA is not what predetermines our cells actions but our environment does.


What Happens if Our Cells only Hear Positive Stimuli?


Cell Biology

Cell Biology (Photo credit: ex_magician)

Dr Lipton, [See his videos on thios topic: Video #1 Video #2] says He has taken sick cells out of a human body and placed them into a Petri Dish. The dish has nutrients and the cells grow and are healthy. What changed? The environmental stimuli went from negative to positive. Dr Lipton says the brain of our cells is not the nucleus or our genes but our beliefs. Our beliefs filter our perceptions and cause every cell to react. These reactions can cause us to be negative and become protective (fight flight system) or in growth mode and healthy.

Are We Skin Covered Petri Dishes?


Petri dish

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Dr Bruce Lipton and Wayne Dyer talk about Prozac, one of the most widely prescribed drugs, has the same effect as a sugar pill. This means it is the placebo effect at work not the drug. They also discuss drugs used for severely depressed patients. They change our brain chemistry but in a study done, the patients were told to think of a happy time. They were taken off their medication and the brain chemistry was the same as from the drug. So we can cure ourselves with the right thinking. Dr Lipton likens us to a skin covered Petri Dish. Our cells living in a Petri Dish will die in a bad environment and flourish in a good one. WATCH THIS VIDEO AND LEARN!