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On my BLOG, under the video tab, is a series of videos that should be viewed. The first one from Dr. Greger is on a study done by the CDC that shows vegans get few chronic illnesses and if you have a serious illness, becoming vegan can reverse it. This video shows a list of the top illnesses that affect and kill Americans. All but one, accidents, are vastly improved by being vegan. Don’t underestimate the power of the vegetable!



Overweight Babies, What are we coming to?

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Obesity Campaign Poster

Obesity Campaign Poster (Photo credit: Pressbound)

The Pomegranate Nutritional Consulting BLOG recently spoke about the fact that 43 million babies under the age of 5 are overweight. We are in a downward spiral of poor eating, obesity, disease and premature death. And if that is not bad enough it is costing us a fortune in rising healthcare costs and drug costs. How can we allow our new babies to become obese at our hands and start a life of illness and pain? Parents, if you don’t care about your life, at least give your babies a fighting chance! Pfizer Nutrition surveyed doctors on how well their patients knew about infant nutrition. 47% of those surveyed were NOT aware of the importance of nutrition for their babies. We all must get the word out that nutrition makes or breaks your health, your bank account and your happiness.

Are you an Abusive Parent?

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Dr. Joel Fuhrman

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Dr Joel Fuhrman suggests that parents that feed their children foods low in nutrients are enabling “slow destruction of their child’s genetic potential.” In light of what we know about epigenetics, poor, nutrient empty foods are switching the wrong genes On and Off. This may be the most abusive thing loving parents can do. They are making their children sicker at earlier ages. You wouldn’t allow your child to do drugs, smoke a cigarette, drive a car, drink alcohol or have sex at an early age but allowing them the wrong foods can be even more deadly! If you are concerned about your children or grandchildren’s well being, start with what goes into their mouths.