Compound in Celery and Artichokes can Kill Pancreatic Cancer

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Globe artichokes being cooked with whole garli...

Globe artichokes being cooked with whole garlic cloves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eating plant-based foods are our natural medicines. There are substances in all plant-based foods that can help make us healthy and prevent disease. Researchers at University of Illinois have found that flavonoid compounds, such as apigenin and luteolin can actually kill cancer cells by inhibiting an important enzyme. The human body evolved along with plant life. Plants were early mans most common food. As we evolved our cells made use of the compounds in plant food to nourish and fight diseases. Are you eating a lot but starving your body of vital nutrients? Eat well!


Is Chicken Really Safe?


We all know about asbestos exposure and how it causes cancer but do you know poultry is exposed to this as well. Dr Greger says, poultry workers have a 9 times risk of cancer over smoking. In America we believe eating white meat is safer than red but poultry is not safe. Watch what you consume or it may consumes you! Our food is important for our health. Our health is important for our happiness. Eat well! Chicken may not be as safe as you think.