Overweight can lead to Cancer!

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The New England Journal of Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) says excess weight can lead to cancer! They quote the New England Journal of Medicine which says strong evidence exists that there is a link between excess weight and risk of cancer. Over 900,000 adults were part of the study. If you are overweight, this is a big reason to lose the weight. A vegetarian or vegan diet can shed the pounds quickly leaving you better looking, having you enjoy a better sex life and being healthier. It’s your choice.

Overweight People = More World Food

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What scientists call "Overweight" ch...

What scientists call “Overweight” changes with our knowledge of human health (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yahoo News says the number of overweight people in the world is accounting for much more food to feed them. They said a study done reveals that the world is 17 million tons overweight which is equivalent to an extra 242 million people of average weight. The UN predicts by 2050 there will be an additional 2.3 billion people on Earth. If weight stays on the rise as well, the numbers are far worse. Where will all the food come from to sustain such an overweight population. In addition, weight contributes to illnesses. Healthcare will increase out of control as well. Something must be done!

Overweight Babies, What are we coming to?

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Obesity Campaign Poster

Obesity Campaign Poster (Photo credit: Pressbound)

The Pomegranate Nutritional Consulting BLOG recently spoke about the fact that 43 million babies under the age of 5 are overweight. We are in a downward spiral of poor eating, obesity, disease and premature death. And if that is not bad enough it is costing us a fortune in rising healthcare costs and drug costs. How can we allow our new babies to become obese at our hands and start a life of illness and pain? Parents, if you don’t care about your life, at least give your babies a fighting chance! Pfizer Nutrition surveyed doctors on how well their patients knew about infant nutrition. 47% of those surveyed were NOT aware of the importance of nutrition for their babies. We all must get the word out that nutrition makes or breaks your health, your bank account and your happiness.