10 Ways to keep your Brain Fit

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Human brain NIH

Human brain NIH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FitLife.tv says there are ten things we can do to help improve our brain function and keep it fit:

  1. Exercise your body
  2. Exercise your mind
  3. Eat Health (no saturated fats, white bleached flour or sugars) This BLOG would also recommend minimizing oe illuminating animal protein. They also recommend eating lots of colorful fruits and vegetables.
  4. Manage or avoid stress
  5. Sleep more
  6. Eat plants that give you antioxidants
  7. Eat omega-3 fatty acids
  8. Interact with other people be social
  9. Stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking
  10. If you drink do it in moderation

My book, “Food for Thought” covers all of these topics as does this BLOG. We all have a choice. It can be bought in Hard Cover, Paperback or eBook from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Choose wisely!

Fish Oil Pills may increase Prostate Cancer Risk

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Fish oil

Fish oil (Photo credit: ArtsieAspie)

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) says that fish oil found in fish oil pills may increase the risk of men’s prostate cancer. This was a large study done by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. This is a good example of how we humans try to build pills that provide a benefit like Omega 3 but the pill is totally different from the natural vitamin. My advice is get your vitamins from nature, it has a lot more experience providing what we need than man does.

Omega-3 Protects against Parkinson’s

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Université Laval Rouge et Or Logo

Université Laval Rouge et Or Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We hear a lot about omega-3 being a good source of fat but it may also protect us from Parkinson’s Disease. This study was done by Université Laval in Canada, researchers published in the online edition of the FASEB Journal, the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. When mice were fed Omega-3, they were immune from the affects of MPCP, a compound that causes similar damage to the brain as Parkinson’s. Again we see certain foods protecting us and others causing chronic illness. Eat well, eat healthy!