Variety is the Spice of Life

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Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables (Photo credit: nutrilover)

When eating your vegetables and fruits choose a variety of different types. Pick dark colors like reds, greens, etc. Each week try a new fruit or vegetable until you have a large selection to choose from that you enjoy.  Watch how you prepare them. Eat many raw to get the most vitamins and nutrients. Cook them by boiling or sauteing. Don’t use butter but a little good grade extra virgin olive oil. Lightly good vegetables so there is still a crunch in each byte. Homemade soup is a great and delicious way to eat a lot of different vegetables. Make your own stock and avoid excess salt levels in commercial soups and stocks. Start the French way and saute carrots, celery and onions in the pot, then add stock and other vegetables. try baby kale or spinach. All the nutrients are eaten since you eat the broth. Oatmeal in the morning with two or three different fruits is a great way to start the day and get fiber. Watch commercial brands they have high salt and sugar levels. Find one with reasonable salt levels and low sugar levels but high fiber.

What is Your Nutritional Intelligence?


A variety of foods made from wheat.

A variety of foods made from wheat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If we score ourselves from 0 to 100 on how well we really eat we can see where we stand on the nutritional scale. We have to categories to consider: What doesn’t count and what does count.
What Doesn’t Count

• Meat
• Juices
• Potatoes
• Fried Foods
• Candies, cookies, cakes and other sweets
• Milk
• Cereal except oatmeal
• Corn
• All prepared foods (Cans, frozen and boxed)
• White bread
What Does Count

• Vegetables (raw or slightly cooked)
• Fruits
Whole wheat whole grain breads
Dark chocolate in moderation
Count each item in each meal that doesn’t count as -8 and count each item in what does count as 8. Add up each item you eat in every meal and snack for a day. If your score is negative set it to zero. If your score is over 100 set it to 100. Vegans can reach 100. Europeans are around 50-60. Americans are typically at 25-30. You can raise this score and raise the probability of good health.
Follow these simple daily rules:

• Eat what nature provides not what man makes.
• Eat more raw organic fruits and vegetables
• Cut back or drop sweets
• Cut back the sugar and milk in your coffee
• Cut back the animal protein (meats, eggs, cheeses and milk)
• Switch from white bread to a whole grain
• Switch from white pasta to a whole grain

Have a Little Oatmeal with your Fruit


oatmeal with strawberries, sugar-free chocolat...

oatmeal with strawberries, sugar-free chocolate syrup, & sugar-free chocolate chips (Photo credit: Newbirth35)

I eat oatmeal most mornings. I buy a brand with no added salts or sugars and high in natural fiber. My oatmeal looks like a bowl of assorted fruits with some oatmeal. The fruit and the oatmeal are high in fiber. Varying the fruit gives you a variety of nutrients. The fruit is a raw source of plant-based food. I enjoy many fruits & nuts with my oatmeal including: berries, oranges, apples, bananas, pears, kiwis and nuts. Start your day with a kick-start that is low in sugar and high in fiber.