Cancer is NUTS!

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Can something as simple as a nut help prevent cancer? YES! Dr Greger says even two handfuls of nuts a week can help protect against cancer. Plant based life protects us by building our immune system. It is great fuel for our bodies. There is always a danger of having people eat two handfuls of nuts a week and no other plants. Good strong health requires a mix of fruits and vegetables and nuts. Add beans, different colored vegetables and different fruits to your regular diet. Cut out sugary foods, salty foods and saturated fat foods. Watch the weight drop off and your health will improve. Buon Appétit!




Nuts may help you live longer and healthier

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Mixed nuts and dried fruits at Tashkent Markets

Mixed nuts and dried fruits at Tashkent Markets (Photo credit: Arthur Chapman)

The New England Journal of Medicine published a paper on the benefits of consuming nuts in our daily diet. They said, “They found that people who ate an average of one serving of nuts per day had a 20 percent lower risk of death from several common health problems compared to those who never ate nuts. The more nuts they ate, the greater the effect.” Nuts are so good for us they are nutrient dense. Dr. David Katz, founding director of Yale University‘s Prevention Research Center, who is not affiliated with the study, said that though the study cannot prove conclusively that eating more nuts will keep you alive longer, the findings are healthy food for thought.

Diet is so important for our health that everyone should do what they cab to eat well. We only have one life. How we live it is up to us!

Is your Lack of Eating Nuts causing you to be Fat?

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Two Juglans regia walnuts.

Dr. Gregor is back talking about walnuts and weight loss. Here is a test that shows eating nuts makes you feel more full and probably causes you to eat less of other things that can make you fat. I always ask “Is it natural?” “Did cave man & woman eat it?”

What’s Nuts about Weight Gain

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Mixed nuts

Mixed nuts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Gregor’s video, below, talks about studies done on weight gain and nuts. It turns out nuts do not cause weight gain and they are so good for us.