Obesity and Dopamine Awards

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The more sugar we eat the more we need to get a dopamine response. This numbing effect causes us to want more and more sweets. Dr Greger says obesity might be a mental disorder. We keep eating sweets even though we know it’s bad for us. It turns out not only sweets are addictive but the whole class of fatty foods. Meats, cheese, milk, etc. The effect this has on our brain lowers other pleasures in life, like sex. If you want to live a better and happier life you need to got off your addictions!

Sweetness from natural fruits is different! Nature packs its sweetness into fiber causing the sugars to be released over time like a time capsule. This prevents spiking and the negativity associated with sugar. Learn to enjoy the natural sweetness of fruits.


SWEETS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Is Your Bad Mood Caused by Your Poor Diet?

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Spacefill model of thiamine of the cation in t...

Spacefill model of thiamine of the cation in thiamine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Therapy Book says “Unbalanced diets lead to unbalanced minds.” A staggering 20.9 million Americans suffer from mood disorders. Omega-3 imbalances leads to these imbalances as well as iron and thiamine. Don’t get mad! Get healthy and enjoy life more!

Epigenetics is far more important than Genetics


Epigenetic mechanisms

Epigenetic mechanisms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wikipedia says about epigenetics, “In 2008, the National Institutes of Health announced that $190 million had been earmarked for epigenetics research over the next five years. In announcing the funding, government officials noted that epigenetics has the potential to explain mechanisms of aging, human development, and the origins of cancer, heart disease, mental illness, as well as several other conditions. Some investigators, like Randy Jirtle, PhD, of Duke University Medical Center, think epigenetics may ultimately turn out to have a greater role in disease than genetics.” It is clear that epigenetics will play a major role in human health and development. Like computers software is worth far more than hardware. You can do an infinite amount of different programs utilizing the same hardware.

We are our parents and maybe grandparents


Cover of "Health (Key Concepts)"

Cover of Health (Key Concepts)

The US National Library of Medicine published a report on “Epigenetics, Behavior and Health”. It suggests for a long time scientists were focused on genetic changes as the cause of behavior and illnesses. Today it is more likely it is the affects of epigenetics playing our genetics in different ways. It could lead to a much better understanding of illness including mental illness. Children that behave badly and grow up to be abusive or even criminal may have been programmed by what they experienced in their early childhood. We may be mirrors of how our parents acted. Read the abstract and summary of this scientific paper.