Epigenetics is Mainstream!


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Search Google for “epigenetics” I got 3,600,000 hits. It is becoming mainstream. It is on TV shows like NOVA and the nightly news. Along with Nutrigenomics, they are two relatively new areas of biology that need your attention. They empower us by showing how we are NOT victims of our genes but our genes are controlled by our environment. Our environment includes diet, thinking, belief and stress. Along with exercise these things make us healthy or sick. Do you understand the basics of epigenetics and nutrigenomics? They are very simple concepts to understand. If you don’t search my BLOG or read my book, Food for Thought and update your knowledge. It could save your life or the life of a loved one!


How Do We Change Our Epigenetics?


We are complex creatures that have evolved systems over millions of years. Modern man has changed the rules that affect these systems. Sometimes our bodies react poorly to the changes. We eat very much different from we use to. We stress constantly and we don’t exercise enough. These facts cause changes to our epigenetics that are not always what we want. Most of us have stress in modern society. It is not easy to reduce or change it. We all can’t move to a south sea island and chill but we can learn yoga and meditation. Yoga will give you exercise, keep you nimble and reduce your stress. Meditation can drastically reduce stress. When you feel you are in an increased stress state, practice your meditation for a few minutes.

Eating in modern society is hard. We have food everywhere but little or no nutrition. Our children are learning our bad habits and it is causing earlier and earlier chronic illness. Try mapping what you eat. Make a plan to change your habits. Your taste buds will adapt quickly and you will find you don’t really miss the old foods. Cut out most boxed, canned and frozen foods. They have added sugars and salt. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Fruits have sugars but they are mixed with fiber and enter your body at a much slower rate. If you are a big meat-eater, cut back your portions. Try to change red meat to more white meat. Add more fish to your diet. The Omega 3 fats are great for you. Snack on fruits and raw nuts not sugary or doughy items.

You will feel better, your tastes will discover new flavors that you forgot and your weight will normalize to where you should be. The best part is your epigenetics will start to trigger good genes and suppress the bad ones. You will not only feel better but be healthier. Live long and enjoy your life.

DR OZ on OWN and Epigenetics


Dr. OZ on Oprah’s new OWN network has been talking about epigenetics. He says: 1.5 million people were diagnosed with cancer and 600,000 died in 2010, in some cases up to 70% of all cancers can be prevented, he had a MD from Yale University that spoke about how some foods can prevent cancer 30% to 60% of the time. He listed the top 5 cancer fighting foods as tomatoes, carrots, oranges, strawberries and onions. He also said Soy and Salmon Protein gives cells power to fight diseases. It is becoming more evident in scientific and medical research that plant-based foods will help you stay healthy. We don’t need more pills with terrible side affects! Eat right and live long. Dr Oz states on his website: “While you can’t control which genes you pass on to your child, you do have some influence over which genes are expressed, affecting what features are seen in your baby (phenotype).  In fact, what you eat, breathe, and even feel can affect the long-term health of your child.”

Does Drinking Water Cause Obesity?


It might if you drink a lot from plastic water bottles. Scitable, by Nature Education recently had an article on epigenetics and changes to the epigenome that may cause obesity from such things as the plastics in our water bottles. The study here was done on identical twin mice. Even though both had 100% the same DNA, their epigenome differed. The effects changed one of the twin mice with the result of being obese and having yellow fur. We also hear of human identical twins where one gets cancer and the other one doesn’t or one is obese and the other isn’t, etc. This is compelling evidence that the story of who we are is NOT in our genes but in which of our genes are turned ON or OFF. Wouldn’t it be nice if we each came with a User Manual that explained which genes does what and how to turn them ON/OFF? What we do know at this point is that eating lots of fruits and vegetables, exercising moderately and lowering stress through yoga or meditation does have a positive affect on our epigenome.

The Number One Cause of Death Today is Diet and Lifestyle

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  book, The Spectrum. In Chapter 13 he talks about preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease using his Spectrum methods. He clearly states in this chapter “The number one cause of death in most of the world is almost completely preventable just by changing diet and lifestyle.” This is so simple! It completely matches what Dr T. Colin Campbell wrote in 2005 in his book “The China Study”. We have free will to change our lives and prevent most diseases through diet, exercise and stress management techniques. Even if we find ourselves in a bad situation health wise, there is hope we can reverse it by these techniques. Why are we paying tax dollars for a healthcare system that doesn’t work? You are responsible for your health! Not your doctor! Not the government! Not a TV show! YOU ARE! Stop sending your cells signals to die! Give them what they have always needed, nutritional foods, exercise and a calm and sound mind. Try it and see the differences in your body. What I really like about Dr. Ornish’s Spectrum approach is you don’t go on a diet, you don’t have to join a gym, and you don’t have to quit your stressful job. Just make small dietary changes that move you toward health. Do some exercise and meditate. Your body will do the rest.

Are We Sculpting Our Genes?


EPIGENETICS: Paul Brenner, M.D., Ph.D. and Daniel Vicario, M.D. discussing the effects of epigenetics at the San Diego Cancer Center. Dr. Paul Brenner says: “I believe that repetitive, formless, negative thoughts are the primary stresses that can turn a gene either on or off. I see it as a sculptor hitting granite with a hammer and chisel. We are the hammer and our thoughts are the chisel, the genes the stone.” The science is still looking at the chemistry of epigenetics but there seems to be mounting evidence as to the causes. What do you think?

Evil Part 1

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This is the first of three parts on evil. Is evil epigenetic? Does what we eat, think and feel effect if we are evil or good? People have always said our thoughts can lead to evil actions. Watching pornography can lead to more and more desire and possibly to act out a fantasy. Why do we feel sickness of the mind is so much different from sickness of the body? If someone has a broken leg or arm and needs help we are there to help but if someone has a mental disorder we look the other way and try to ignore them. Years ago a mentally retarded child might be kept locked away in the basement. Parents were ashamed of the child. Does our environment affect our mental order? Can we be making some people retarded or evil because of their environment? What do you think?

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