Are you an Emotional Unhealthy Eater?

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We eat poorly because we feel bad. We feel bad because we eat poorly. It is a viscous circle. It can be broken! Once broken we start to feel better, on top of our game. As we feel better we eat better and enjoy it more. I have written about how great fruits and vegetables taste once you are off fried foods, sugars and salts. Sugar, fat and salt are our bitter enemies. They will make us feel bad, depressed and eat the wrong foods. This cycle will get us sick and we feel worse and eat worse. Stop the cycle, start eating what your body wants and needs, not what you emotions want. Change your life and live happier and more healthy.

New Year’s Resolutions


You Are What You Eat

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Many of us try to lose weight this time of year but never seem to make it. Diets don’t work! If they did the diet companies would be out of business instead of thriving to new heights. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat and make life changes. YES I did say eat. We have an old set of epigenetics that “lock” fat when our bodies feel we are starving. Dieting causes this to enact and you simply cannot lose the weight easily. Try eating 5 small meals per day instead of three big ones. Stay away from cereals, except oat meal, they convert to sugar. Eat plenty of fruit (the sugars are mixed with fiber and enter the body at a slower rate (lower on glycemic index). Eat nuts for one of the 5 meals. Eat plenty of vegetables. Try cooking your vegetables in different ways. Buy a good vegetarian cook book and experiment. You should not try to lose more than about 2 pounds per week. It took time to put it on and it will take time to take it off in a healthy way. If you change your life style, you won’t be thinking about being over the diet. You will be eating less per sitting but more meals. The multiple meals turns off the bodies “Starvation Mode” and allows you to eat and lose fat. Epigenetics also says you will be eating a much healthier set of foods and therefore will be headed to a healthier life. Enjoy your food and be happy.