The Island Where People Forget to Die

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Evdilos harbor

Evdilos harbor (Photo credit: Lauren Carpe Diem)

The October 28, 2012, Sunday New York Times ran an article called “The Island Where People Forget to Die”. A man diagnosed here with cancer decided to move back to his parents house near Evdilos Greece. He had lung cancer an the American doctors gave him 9 months to live. He started to eat the local foods (mostly vegetables) and wine. Then something strange started to happen. He woke up when he felt like it and was enjoying what was left of his life. He did not die. He built a vineyard and was cancer free without drugs or chemo.

People on this small Island live very long and healthy lives. They work into old age. They eat fresh grown vegetables and the local produced wines. Food is grown without pesticides and seems to give them longevity. What we eat is so important.


Why do we do unhealthy things?

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Lung cancer

Lung cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is amazing how many people still smoke even though it is proven beyond a doubt that it causes lung cancer. A high percentage of smokers do die of lung cancer but it doesn’t seem to stop people. Maybe we feel invincible until it actually happens to us. At that time we always say “Why me?” I remember seeing a show when I was younger on smoking and cancer. It showed a man with a wife and kids. He had a lung removed and they caught him in the garage sneaking a cigarette. Addition is a terrible thing. It makes us do things we really don’t want to do. Smoking, over eating, sugar, salt they are all additions that can lead to disease and premature death.

How can we hope to show people who eating a stronger diet of vegetables will keep them healthy when they still smoke? We humans are an interesting species. We have a large brain and have used it to understand many of the mysteries of life and the universe around us but we still do unhealthy and stupid things to ourselves and our loved ones. We need to either wake up and live a healthier life or become seriously sick at younger and younger ages. Soon we won’t be able to build enough hospitals to house the sick.