Dark Lightning in the Skies

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Lightning (Photo credit: cody_7147)

Scientists have discovered a new phenomena called “Dark Lightning”. It can cause doses of radiation to hit us on airlines. This radiation contains large numbers of Gamma Rays but scientists say they don’t appear to be dangerous. I question that and wonder what epigenetic changes may be taking place because of this radiation. Are these changes potentially good for us or bad?  Our environment has many things that affect our epigenetics. We don’t understand if these affects are good or bad until we better understand epigenetics.


Revolutionary Look at how the Body Works

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Randy Jirtle

Randy Jirtle (Photo credit: The Aspen Institute)

LiveScience took a look at how the human body really works. They say life experiences from toxin exposure to physical affection can alter how our genes work. The article goes on to say we share most of our DNA instructions with monkeys, apes and even the worm. What keeps us from having a long tail is how our epigenome interacts with our genome. They say that our epigenome is a moderator between the environment and our genes. It has the ability to change us quickly to react to environmental changes. “Food is truly medicine when you are talking about epigenetic changes,” says Randy Jirtle. We have been talking about this in my book and in this BLOG for years.

To Nature or Nurture That is the Question


Nature vs. Nurture

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LiveScience discusses nature vs. nurture in an article that shows that influences like toxin exposure to physical affection can influence our genes via epigenetics. These gene expressions are sometime dynamic and reversible. It lasts only while the changed environment exists. We know our DNA is not much different from monkeys or other mammals. It is not our DNA that makes us human but how our epigenetics “plays” our DNA. We are the sum of the environmental; effects on us.

Epigenetics is your Genes Boss!


epigenetic mechanisms

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LiveScience recently wrote an article on Epigenetics: A revolutionary look at how humans work. We share a lot of our DNA with other animals such as Monkeys, Apes, Mice and even Worms. If our DNA is so similar why are we so different? The answer lays in each animal’s epigenetics. The piano keys are the same but the song that gets played is very different. The pianist is the boss of the piano and epigenetics is the boss of the genes. Epigenetics turns out to be the mediator between our genes and our environment. Searching Google for this yields:

  • DNA – 148,000,000 hits
  • Epigenetics – 1,280,000 hits
  • Nutrigenomics – 182,000 hits

Clearly more people still know DNA over epigenetics or nutrigenomics but the interest is growing at a rapid pace. Take your health and well-being into your own hands.