Our Minds are Directly Connected to Our Genetics



Epigenetics (Photo credit: AJC1)

Dr. Bruce Lipton is famous for his work in epigenetics and how we think or believe. The Los Angeles Times ran an article titled “Can you master your own epigenetics?” They talk about Dr. Lipton’s work in this article. Their our chemicals in our bodies that get released based on how we think, positive or negative. These chemicals affect our genes via epigenetics. We are wired for emotion and thought. Negative thought can be as damaging to us as a shot of arsenic. Positive thought can be the miracle cure we all want. I find it ironic that as we get ill, we first start to pray for a miracle but the miracle is right there within us. It is our brains and how we have taught ourselves to think. Be very careful of your thoughts, they can make you healthy and happy or ill and sad. How are you thinking today?

We are NOT Individuals! We are a Community of Intelligent Cells

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An animal cellDr Bruce Lipton has been educating the world on the importance of thinking to stay healthy. Our community of cells communicates with each other. They rebel when things are not right. If there is harmony, good diet, exercise and positive thinking in your life, your cells will be in harmony. Having our cells in harmony lowers the probability of diseases. Why wait until you are sick and then have procedures and medicines that don’t work well. Take your life and your health in your hands today. Millions of people are doing it and beginning to see the benefits.