Cancer Beware – Broccoli is on the Way!

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Studies show that broccoli may help in the pre...

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The Linus Pauling Institute at OSU (Oregon State University) confirms that a substance in broccoli, Sulforaphane, actually attacks cancer cells but not healthy cells.  Broccoli may just be a modern-day super hero. This is a great study that shows the power of plant-based foods on human health. This study talks about using Sulforaphane as a drug but cites
that because it’s in food naturally doesn’t mean it is safe to take! Why not just eat broccoli? It is safe and cheaper than drugs. Why does everything have to be a money-making drug?

Green Tea Sets Positive Epigenetic Reactions


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The Linus Pauling Institute at the Oregon State University published a finding on the positive effects of green tea. Green tea seems to increase the number of T-Cells in our body. These regulatory cells help fight diseases and toxins. This is a great example of a diet substance, green tea, switching on genes that produce more T-Cells. The effect is a healthier existence. Once again we have a solution in a natural, plant-based compound, without the use of dangerous drugs. Green tea doesn’t come with a list of harmful side effects like most drugs do.