Picture of Larry the Cable Guy

Picture of Larry the Cable Guy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the infamous words of Larry The Cable Guy, That Ain’t Right! What’s going on with drugs, medicine and healthcare in this great country just ain’t right. We trust our government to do right by us but that’s not the case in healthcare. Big business is making a fortune while we as a nation get sicker and sicker. Our kids are getting sick younger and younger. At some point you have to stand up and say “Enough!” Do your research, read my book and the 200+ references in it, change your life-style, eat better, lower your stress and exercise. You will change your health for the better. Most doctors think we are capable of change but I know we can. Many people are changing and living happier. I am tired of seeing loved ones dying of incurable diseases that can be cured with diet, attitude and exercise. Have you had enough yet? That really ain’t right!