Green Juice in the Morning


Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juic...

Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juicing machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I spoke of juicing. There is another BLOGger that talks about their favorite green juice recipe. Juicing will help you lose weight, feel more alert and alive. It is healthy because of all the different nutrients you are consuming. Do it fresh just before you drink it to preserve the most nutrients. Buy your fruit and vegetables organic. A good juicer produces no mess in the kitchen and is easy to clean up. If you have your own organic garden, dump the left over pulp in the garden.




Crudités platter including carrots and celery

Crudités platter including carrots and celery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We started juicing yesterday. We bought a Breville and made our first juice from apples, celery, carrots and ginger. It was delicious. You get about 70% of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the food by juicing. So why not just eat the food whole? Mainly you can’t eat 2 apples, 2 stalks of celery and carrots and a chunk of ginger at one sitting. So you consume more but get 70%. Overall it is more nutrients than you normally would get. Juicing should use organic fruits and vegetables. Look at recipes and find those that use both fruits and vegetables. Juicing will help you lose weight, feel more alive and energetic and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

To Juice or not to Juice


Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juic...

Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juicing machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Juicing is becoming more popular. Many people find it a way to eat vegetables they don’t like by adding sweet tasting fruits. It is better for you than eating fast foods or animal products. What we need to be aware of is it strips out natures fiber. Fruit has sugar, we have talked about this before but it packs the sugar in bundles of fiber. The fiber acts as time release capsules. The sugar is slowly released into our systems which is safer and healthier than an immediate sugar rush from candy bars or juices. Commercial juicing strips almost all fiber out. Home juicing leaves some but it’s not as much as eating a piece of raw fruit as nature intended it.

Juice if you must but eat some raw fruits and vegetables as well as some vegetables slightly cooked. DO NOT OVER COOKED YOUR VEGGIES!

Apple Juice may be worse than sugar water

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English: Clear apple juice from concentrate in...

English: Clear apple juice from concentrate in a bottle. Français : Jus de pomme clair du concentré dans une bouteille. Cymraeg: Sudd afal mewn potel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Greger says apple juice is no better for us than plain sugar water! We have spoke about fruit juices vs. fruit a lot in this BLOG. We are so SOLD by marketing in this country that most Americans believe juice in the morning is actually healthy. Eat the fruit instead.

What is Your Nutritional Intelligence?


A variety of foods made from wheat.

A variety of foods made from wheat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If we score ourselves from 0 to 100 on how well we really eat we can see where we stand on the nutritional scale. We have to categories to consider: What doesn’t count and what does count.
What Doesn’t Count

• Meat
• Juices
• Potatoes
• Fried Foods
• Candies, cookies, cakes and other sweets
• Milk
• Cereal except oatmeal
• Corn
• All prepared foods (Cans, frozen and boxed)
• White bread
What Does Count

• Vegetables (raw or slightly cooked)
• Fruits
Whole wheat whole grain breads
Dark chocolate in moderation
Count each item in each meal that doesn’t count as -8 and count each item in what does count as 8. Add up each item you eat in every meal and snack for a day. If your score is negative set it to zero. If your score is over 100 set it to 100. Vegans can reach 100. Europeans are around 50-60. Americans are typically at 25-30. You can raise this score and raise the probability of good health.
Follow these simple daily rules:

• Eat what nature provides not what man makes.
• Eat more raw organic fruits and vegetables
• Cut back or drop sweets
• Cut back the sugar and milk in your coffee
• Cut back the animal protein (meats, eggs, cheeses and milk)
• Switch from white bread to a whole grain
• Switch from white pasta to a whole grain

Arsenic in Our Apple Juice?

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The Dr. Oz Show states that they tested several of the more popular brands of Apple Juice and they all contained arsenic. As you know from this BLOG, juice is not that healthy for us but juice with arsenic is really unhealthy. Just eat an organic apple and stay healthy.

Are You Eating Enough Fruit & Vegetables a Day?

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Dragon fruit juice

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Ask.com says we should be eating about 9 – 10 servings every day. How much is that? They suggest typical serving sizes as:
• one banana
• six strawberries
• one apple
• one peach
• one-half cup of orange or other fruit juice
• fifteen grapes
• five broccoli florets
• one Roma tomato
• half of a baked sweet potato
• one ear of corn
• four slices of an onion

Acid Reflux and Diet

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DQ french fries

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Ask.com has an article on foods to avoid with Acid Reflux. In this article there are several groups of foods and then specific items in each group. As we have been saying in this BLOG avoid, meats, dairy, sugars, juices, and creamy fats. Under their vegetable category they list French fries and raw onion to be avoided. French fries are fried and onions can be heavy on some peoples stomachs. Under the fruits category is mostly juices. I have talked about the fact that drinking fruit juice is NOT the same as eating fruit. Juices have all the sugars with little of the fiber. This causes your sugar levels to be elevated too quickly. Finally under the grains category they list Macaroni and Cheese & Spaghetti with sauce. The cheese is bad it’s dairy and the sauce is tomato which can be hard on some people’s stomachs. Again we see it is what we eat that affects us in so many ways. How do you eat?