Central dogma of molecular biology

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The old biology science said that our genes control our life and who we are. This was called the “Central Dogma”. Dr Joseph Mercola talks about the old belief and the new one of epigenetics in the video below. The word Dogma means “A belief based on religion not proven scientifically”. This is humorous since it was being taught for 60 years as the basis of biology. It was never tested or proven scientifically. It was stated and seemed so obvious that everyone took it as fact. In reality it was wrong! All our biology books need to be rewritten now.   Epigenetics has been tested and we now know it is a control above our genetics based on our mind and our environment.  A similar rewrite happened in Physics when Newtonian Physics taught us that we lived in a world made of matter. With the new Quantum Physics we now know this is false! We actually live in a Universe of energy. Atoms are made up at the lowest levels of energy not matter. Matter is an illusion not a reality. The books and beliefs were slowly rewritten. Watch the video and remember your kids may still be being taught the old science of Biology but you know better.