Johns Hopkins on Chemotherapy and Eating Animal Products

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Johns Hopkins University

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This could be one of the most important BLOGs I have done. After many years of telling people Chemotherapy was the only way to fight cancer, Johns Hopkins University says the best way to prevent cancer is to not eat foods cancer needs to grow. These foods include:
• Sugars and substitute sugars
• Milk
• Acid environment (caused by eating animal protein like milk, eggs, cheese and meats)
A diet of 80% fresh vegetables and 20% cooked vegetables is the most healthy and least to cause cancer. We have been saying this in this BLOG for a long time, now a big medical university like Johns Hopkins is confirming it. What do you eat?


Is Cancer a Conspiracy?

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American Cancer Society

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This BLOG states that doctors feel living 5 years with cancer is a success, The American Cancer Society states that doing nothing will let you survive 7 to 10 years. No one talks about cures! Normally you only survive a time. During that time you pay a lot for treatments and medicines. At the end of the referenced BLOG is a list of research points from John Hopkins University. READ IT!

Epigenetic Changes in Cancer Cells


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MedGenMed published an article on how cancer cells have epigenetic changes over regular cells this was from an American Association for Cancer Research special conference. Cancer cells either have mutated DNA or epigenetic changes that alter the proteins encoded to a gene. Steven Baylin of John Hopkins University gave a lecture on epigenetic changes that silenced genes that normally control proliferation and DNA repair among other functions. In cancer cells this silencing leads to tumor proliferation. The epigenetic programming of our genes is critical to normal and healthy life. In computers, programming malfunctions leads to errors and eventually system crashes. In life epigenetic malfunctions lead to illnesses and eventually death.