Beware of the Uninformed!

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English: Veggie Burger and Sweet Potato fries ...

English: Veggie Burger and Sweet Potato fries at Kays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WE went antique shopping in Pennsylvania yesterday and stopped at an italian restaurant for lunch. It looked like a nice place, outdoor seating a cool bar area and indoor area. The menu was a give away. Under cold sandwiches there was only one out of 10 without meat, mozzarella and tomato. Under hot there again was one out of 8, eggplant parmesan. I ordered the eggplant. What a mistake! It was heavily fried and dark in color. Oily in texture (so it wasn’t fried at correct temperatures). I can go into restaurants and bars in the middle of no where and find a Portobello mushroom sandwich in place of a hamburger or a veggie burger.

Some places just don’t get it. They cook the like short order chefs and not real chefs. There menus are uninspiring and mostly meat and fried foods. You couldn’t find a vegetable if you paid them (romaine lettuce doesn’t count). Why in Europe can I find great food even on the autostradas but here it is very hard? Let’s cut back on portion size, fried foods, meats and serve interesting well prepared foods. I would pay for that!

Eating out Light and Healthy


Tonight's pasta extravaganza

Tonight’s pasta extravaganza (Photo credit: HeatherMG)


Last night we went to our favorite Italian Restaurant in Wilmington, DE called Mezzanotte. We sometimes share an entre or we have a few appetizers or something light. Last night we each had an arugula salad and a bowl of Pasta fagiolli. The fagiolli had only a little pasta in it and delicious beans. The dinner was light, healthy and very satisfying. You can eat out and eat healthy. Rule #1 watch portion size! Most restaurants serve double and sometimes triple portions. As Americans we have increased our typical portion and waist size exponentially. Eat healthy, eat smaller portions and stay healthy. Most of all enjoy the taste of your food.