Animal vs. Plant Protein


Growth hormone

Growth hormone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Studies have been done comparing high protein eaters with lower protein eaters and no significant difference in IGF 1 levels were detected. But when they broke out the types of protein, animal vs. plant, they found animal protein raised IGF 1 levels while plant protein lowered the levels. Dr Greger says getting high levels of IGF 1 tells our livers to start building. Unfortunately tumors are the result. We don’t really want excessive growth (as adults). We want to maintain our growth. Eating meat will increase these growth hormones and eating plants will decrease the levels. Choose wisely.

Ignore your Veggies and Live with Cancer


3-d model of IGF-1

3-d model of IGF-1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday Dr. Greger spoke about IGF1 and IGF1 Binding protein. Today he speaks about measuring these two substances in our blood. What they found is that eating lower levels of plant based diet allows IGF1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor) to increase in our bodies. Higher levels of IGF1 relate directly to cancer growth. The body tries to flush out this IGF1 by using a protein called IGF1 Binding protein. At high IGF1 levels, there is only so much our body can do. Changing your diet to more of a plant based diet, causes IGF1 levels to drastically lower. This eliminates the chance of cancer drastically. Your choice! Eat your veggies and fight cancer or ignore your veggies and live with cancer.