Male Lion (Panthera leo) and Cub eating a Cape...

Male Lion (Panthera leo) and Cub eating a Cape Buffalo in Northern Sabi Sand, South Africa. Italiano: Leone maschio (Panthera leo) e un cucciolo mentre mangiano un Bufalo nel Nord di Sabi Sand in Sud Africa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hollywood likes to show caveman with a big club fighting dinosaurs but was earl man that aggressive? Probably not. He probably was eaten by other animals more than he ate them. Biologically speaking we are not carnivores! We are barely omnivores. We mostly fit the mold of herbivores (vegetarians). Here are some of the tests:

  1. Long finger claws instead of nails are carnivores
  2. Strong mouth acids to help digest meat are carnivores
  3. Strong stomach acids to help digest meat are carnivores
  4. Short intestines to get rid of meat fast (which is toxic) are carnivores
  5. Sharp canine teeth to rip meat apart are carnivores


Humans have:

  1. Finger nails not claws which are herbivores
  2. Weak mouth acids which are herbivores
  3. Weak stomach acids which are herbivores
  4. Long intestines to get all nutrients out of plant food which are herbivores
  5. Not show sharp canine teeth which are omnivores at best

So human really are not built to eat and digest much meat. Nature built us to mostly eat plant based life.