Are you as Honest about your Diet as you are about your Medicines?

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Fresh vegetables are important components of a...

Fresh vegetables are important components of a healthy diet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People always feel that they will someday eat better & healthier but can’t seem to start it. The same people religiously take their medicines and believe they will help them. Truth is medicines do have side effects, some devastating. Most people with chronic illness die from them. Healthy diet has no side effects and does prevent most illnesses.


How Hard is it to Eat a Healthy Diet?


Lucky sugar

Lucky sugar (Photo credit: waɪ.tiː)

Diet means something different to everyone. Your idea of a healthy diet may be totally different from mine. TV commercials constantly tell us something is bad for us and then it’s good for us. Coffee is a good example of this. We have so many different interest groups and testing healthy eating is difficult to interpret. The sugar industry wants us to believe all sugars are the same. They are not! Some sugars (like cake and candy) rush into our bodies, overwhelm us and can lead to diabetes. Others sugars like in fruits are mixed with fiber which causes them to be introduced at a very slow rate. Are bodies are use to this type of sugar. We are marketed to eat only processed foods. Why, because there’s a lot of money to be made there. Processed foods loose natural ingredients and have bad elements added for taste or to preserve the food. The only real natural way to eat is the way Mr. & Mrs. Caveman ate. They ate no processed foods. They ate a lot of nuts, fruits and vegetables because they were relatively easy to find and didn’t fight back. Meat was occasional since we probably got eaten more than we ate other animals. How do you eat? Are you really eating healthy?

What Can I Do To Lower Risk of Diabetes?

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Fresh vegetables are important components of a...

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A study by health.com says these five items will lower your risk of diabetes:
a. Normal weight. They were not overweight or obese, and maintained a body mass index below 25 (a threshold equivalent to 155 pounds for a 5-foot, 6-inch woman).
b. Nonsmoking. They had never been regular smokers, or they’d been smoke-free for at least 10 years.
c. Physically active. They got at least 20 minutes of heart-pounding, sweat-inducing exercise three or more times per week.
d. Healthy diet. They consumed a diet with lots of fiber, little trans fat, few refined or sugary carbohydrates, and a high ratio of good (polyunsaturated) to bad (saturated) fats.
e. Little to no drinking. They used alcohol in moderation, if at all — two drinks or less a day for men, and one drink or less for women.
We all know about smoking and drinking. We all should know about weight and exercise. Diet seems to get lost on most Americans. Read what it says. Less trans & saturated fats (that is meat) and fewer sugars. This study doesn’t mention power of plant based foods but many others do. Fruits and vegetables have a power to fight many diseases including diabetes. Eat well and live well!