Expert Health News – Beware of so called expert health news!

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I get a monthly newsletter from my health insurance company. This month had an article on diet and health. I was very interested in what they would say. It started out saying our health is predicated by our diet. Now I was hooked. The article went on to list a series of things to do for improved health. They were all portion size comments. What a letdown. There is so much real information out there on valid studies showing which food groups are healthy and which are unhealthy, why don’t we see it published in insurance companies? Health is BIG business in America! People are getting smarter and researching their own information. If you want to be healthy … just do it!


Can We Reduce Health Insurance Costs

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I was reading an article on reducing health insurance costs and was amazed that diet didn’t show up. Are we really so sold on the fact that getting sick is part of aging? Yes some diseases increase with age but there are plenty of seniors in better health than people half their age. This article did however mention mental outlook as a way to stay healthy. I offer my book and seminars to companies interested in reducing their healthcare costs. The bottom line is we ARE getting sicker. If we can reduce the amount of diseases in a group, the health costs will be reduced as well. No one is focused on this fact. We did learn that cigarettes were harmful and as a nation reduced the amount of cigarettes consumed. This drastically reduced the illnesses associated with smoking and the costs of treating those illnesses. Unfortunately we substituted other diseases and costs are increasing overall.

The Standard American Diet is S.A.D.

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We eat in a very sad way in this country. Articlebase ran a story on this recently. We must find a way to educate the public on the importance of good diet, lowering stress, exercise and positive thinking. Without this our rate of illness will increase and break the health industries back. Health Insurance is very expensive but it will get even higher if we continue to become ill at higher rates. The answer is right in front of us. Hint: Look to vegetables & fruits!