Diagnostic Errors in Doctor’s Office is a Major Health Problem!

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New York Reuters Health says mistakes in surgery and prescribing drugs cause major problems, misdiagnosis in the primary care doctors office is worse! Medicine is getting very complex. Drugs and drug interactions are causing new problems. The numbers of surgeries are up so doctors errors are up as well. So many people are getting sick that the primary care doctor is seeing more and more patients leading to increased problems in diagnostics. This trend will get worse as America continues to get sicker. We can change all this by eating healthier, exercising and staying happy and positive. Imagine a world where medical facilities are rare, deaths due to doctor errors are few and drugs are seldom taken. It can be our world if we really want it.

Are We Starting to Get it?

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English: Canadian per capita health care spend...

English: Canadian per capita health care spending by age group in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My neighbor Bob gave me an ad from his newspaper for a Health medical center. The ad showed a man lying on a couch with a burger in one hand probably watching TV. It said “See you soon?” then “In a way, that’s up to you.” Clearly here is one clinic equating disease and health care with diet and exercise. We need more like this. A lot more!

America Struggles with Food & Healthcare


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Yahoo News reported that more Americans are unable to provide the basic foods need by their families as well as health care. This is alarming because these people will start to eat prepared foods and fast food instead of eating a nutritional diet. Healthcare costs are one of our biggest concerns. As they escalate, America’s healthcare system will break!

Population Health

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National Institutes of Health

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According to the National Institutes of Health, about half of all health problems are caused by behavior, such as smoking, excess drinking, and poor diet. The majority of the rest are caused by problems in the environment, such as pollution and unsafe working conditions. All these are preventable. A growing number of healthcare professionals around the world see changing the behavior of populations (as Americans changed their smoking habits), and cleaning up the environment as a highly effective use of healthcare funds. One expression of this is the rapid growth of the WHO’s “Healthy Cities” movement. Spending money on this has promise of reducing the overall healthcare cost before it’s too late.