Men, Want better sex?

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In a recent men’ health online article, it was found that a vegan diet boosts men’s sex stamina. Junk food, fast food and animal protein can lead to heart problems and blood flow problems. This can greatly affect your sexual performance. If you’re looking to be a new dad, Harvard School of Public Health said a diet high in diary can lead to low sperm counts. Move toward a vegan diet and enjoy better sex.


Are Their Hidden Environmental Influences on Our Epigenetics?


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I was watching Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Wormhole”, on the Science Channel about how we may all be connected to a “web” of reality. We can’t see it or sense it in any way but its there. Modern Quantum Mechanics tells us that there are more dimensions than we can experience, time may not exist, and the universe is far more complex than we thought. With all these hidden parts of our existence that we can’t directly experience, I started to wonder if these might be influencing our epigenetics like any other part of our environment. Maybe we are influenced not only by our reality but these alternate realities science is talking about. We seem to be very complex creatures that are programmed by our environment, even the parts that we can’t directly sense. To what extent is this programming influencing us?

An Amazing Presentation on Causes of Disease


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Presentation by Dr. John Kelly titled “What’s new in Plant-Based Nutrition?” If you bear with the advertisement at the beginning of the video, Dr Kelly’s presentation is well worth the viewing even if you have no interest in vegetarianism.  He says diet affects one of the major expressions on your genes.

·        Greatest differences are between plant foods and animal foods.

·        Environmental influences can be trans-generational

·        Solution is not drugs but health diet changes

·        How we live our lives can affect 3 to 4 generations down the road

·        It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s never too late to make lifestyle changes

·        Why would we do medicine and NOT treat causes? We only treat symptoms and make diseases livable while they continue to die!

·        Plant-based diet treatment improves better for patients with highest illness

·        Plant-based diets have no ill side effects

·        Over time the control group (non vegetarians) got worse and the vegetarian group got better

·        Harvard University study shows that for each daily serving of fruits & vegetables reduced the risk of heart disease by 4%!

·        BMI is INVERSILY proportional to amount of plant-based foods in your diet! (The more plant based foods you eat; the lower your BMI will be)

·        Weight is not a disease; it’s a symptom! If you put your lifestyle into healthy order; you WILL lose weight.

·        The industry is doing less studies on nutrient and more on preventative medicines. These studies hide the fact that good nutrient will heal us and keep us healthy.