Vegie Burgers are Great!

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Veggie Burger @ Dog Haus

Veggie Burger @ Dog Haus (Photo credit: latca)

When I used to eat hamburgers, it really wasn’t the meat that made a great burger! It was what you put on it. Pickles, onions (or fried onions), tomato, lettuce, avocado, etc. The combination of flavors created a great sensation. With veggie burgers it’s the same. Build your burger your way and let those great flavors mesh. Many restaurants now offer a veggie burger replacement to meat on any of their burgers. You can get one loaded with what you love. Making your own veggie burger let’s you know exactly what’s in it. Made fresh with fresh ingredients tastes the best. Angie’s Grapevine is a BLOG that has a recipe for a veggie burger, try it!

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English: Veggie burger with fried mushrooms.

English: Veggie burger with fried mushrooms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturday night we went to a 50’s dance party at our clubhouse. They were serving hamburgers, french fries and rootbeer floats. Not exactly healthy fare! Plus we don’t eat meat. Se we brought our own veggie burgers and used their rools, lettuce, tomato and onions. We had a few fries and no rootbeer float. Npt 100% healthy but we turned a dietary disater into something not so bad. You can still go to all your fun events and eat healthier. Make the choice and follow through with it.  Dancing is good exercise and the commradery of being with your friends and neighbors is mood lifting. The choice is yours … choose wisely.