Is Hormonal Cocktail a Good One?


Cocktail Caipirihna a la Wikipedia

Cocktail Caipirihna a la Wikipedia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Wisdom of Life BLOG says that the act of actually smiling makes us feel happy. This simple act delivers a hormone cocktail that stimulates happiness. We have talked about this often. If you make your self a kind, happy, smiling person you will feel happier and associate more with other happy people. If you are sad depressed and unhappy you will feel unhappy and associate with other unhappy people. Who do you want to associate with?


Animal vs. Plant Protein


Growth hormone

Growth hormone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Studies have been done comparing high protein eaters with lower protein eaters and no significant difference in IGF 1 levels were detected. But when they broke out the types of protein, animal vs. plant, they found animal protein raised IGF 1 levels while plant protein lowered the levels. Dr Greger says getting high levels of IGF 1 tells our livers to start building. Unfortunately tumors are the result. We don’t really want excessive growth (as adults). We want to maintain our growth. Eating meat will increase these growth hormones and eating plants will decrease the levels. Choose wisely.