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The Center for Nutrigenomics is a post-graduate based Dutch center with the following mission:

The primary focus in the Centre for Human NutriGenomics is on biomolecular research for healthy and safe foods, with the following objectives:

  1. Study functionality and safety of food ingredients relevant for human health
  2. Clarify molecular mechanisms underlying health effects of food
  3. Study the impact of genotype in the relation of nutrition and human health
  4. Develop and apply markers of exposure, bioavailability, function and risk

Further Objectives

  • Tuning of initiatives and collaboration in the field of human nutrigenomics, i.e., training and research programmes from EU, NWO and other funding agencies.
  • Establish optimal provision and use of human nutrigenomics infrastructure.
  • Set up international alliances with expert groups on genomics, nutrition and human health.
  • Keep up contacts with clinical and pharmaceutical initiatives on genomics.