Small Organic Cafes

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English: "Town's End Farm" technical...

English: “Town’s End Farm” technically just outside of West Chester, Pennsylvania, but not really anymore. Built by Wm. Townsend in 1806 in the Federal style and later expanded. Name is of course a double entendre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Over the weekend we visited “Roots Café and Garden” in West Chester, PA. The food was great. I had a sandwich on whole wheat of sprouts, avocado, tomato, cucumber and a little cream cheese. It was refreshing and delicious. We enjoy finding small places that cater to organic food and home-made recipes. No packaged goods! We then walked around West Chester a great small college town. There are plenty of restaurants and even a store that sells Italian gelato. It makes a Sunday enjoyable.



Does Organic Taste Weird?

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Nutrient deficient yam plant at Abakaliki, Nigeria

Nutrient deficient yam plant at Abakaliki, Nigeria (Photo credit: IITA Image Library)

I had a friend that said to me, “I don’t like the taste of organic!” That is really weird. Organic has no added taste. It is just the absence of preservatives. I told my friend to just go into the garage and get some fertilizer and sprinkle it on his organics and he would have regular produce. A little harsh, I admit but it does get the point across. God and nature made plant life a certain way to help keep us healthy and nourished. Man started fertilizing to increase profits at the cost of health. Look at our country now. After a few generations we are mostly sick.

There is another side to nutrients besides organics. It is rotating crops properly so the soil revives and keeps its nutrient base. When done properly, our plant food is very nutritious. Again it it a costly practice that has been mostly abandoned in the US for higher profits. Europe, especially Italy, still has farmers that care about taste and nutrients and farm to older standards. It works there because people want better tasting foods and healthier foods.

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