Sugars can trigger Brain changes & Overeating!

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PET brain scans show chemical differences in t...

PET brain scans show chemical differences in the brain between addicts and non-addicts. The normal images in the bottom row come from non-addicts; the abnormal images in the top row come from patients with addiction disorders. These PET brain scans show that that addicts have fewer than average dopamine receptors in their brains, so that weaker dopamine signals are sent between cells. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Associated Press ran an article on a new study that looks at brain scans to determine why we are addicted to sugar and how it may be causing obesity. Our brains have an epigenetic trigger that rewards us for eating (pleasure). This trigger is not implemented when sugar is present. Thus we continue to eat causing weight gain.

Flesh & Fructose


Sugar sugar

Sugar sugar (Photo credit: dhammza)

Fructose is basically meat & sugar. This leads to higher blood pressure and higher risk of gout, diabetes and heart disease. Dr Greger talks about this in a new video. We went from 4 labs of added sugars per year to 100 lbs. Is there any doubt we are making ourselves sick?