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fried chicken

fried chicken (Photo credit: calamity_hane)

We are in a southern town and I know Southern Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork and Barbecue are important staples. I went into a restaurant and saw they has a vegetarian salad. OK vegetarian and salad together seems pretty safe, right? No it had bacon on it. Really! I said to the waitress this was suppose to be vegetarian. She says, it is it has vegetables on it. I really had no answer for that LOL. When I told her I don’t eat meat, she looked at me real funny and said WHY?

Diet is so ingrained into us from childhood that it’s hard to change it. The problem is the food industry has been changing things drastically for years now and not for the better. 80% of what is on your supermarket shelves weren’t around 100 years ago. Think about that. In a 100 very short years we are eating totally new stuff. It’s made up stuff that is processed. Is it any wonder so many people have weight problems and serious health issues? Do your self a favor and ask what you and your family are eating. list it one of two columns: Column 1 processed man-made stuff and Column 2 Nature made stuff. I bet column 1 wins hands down. If your column 2 is larger you probably have no weight or health issues.


Eat well …

We Feed our Kids Crap so We Don’t Have to Hear Complaints!


Homestyle delivery fried chicken with organic ...

Homestyle delivery fried chicken with organic cole slaw, french fries and bread. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many times have you given in to your kids and given them fried chicken and French fries or a hamburger so you don’t have to listen to complaints? Our life is stressful enough, we don’t need to hear our kids constantly complain about what they are eating. It so ease to say “They will only eat …”. We are parents and therefore our kids teachers. We should be teaching them what they should be eating to remain healthy. If we give in to their desires, we could be making them unhealthy and sickly. Be a parent and teach! It may not be the easiest road but it’s the right one!