I am sick of hearing “Where do you get your protein?”

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Protein Science

Protein Science (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Vegans and vegetarians hear this all the time! It is so ridiculous how the media has us conditioned. First we must have protein. This is true but in small amounts. Large quantities are toxic. Second we can only get protein from animal products (meat, cheese, milk and eggs) WRONG WRONG WRONG! Every organic food (plant or animal) is made of cells which are made of protein. If you believe either or both of these, readjust your thinking. Get educated.


I found another BLOG that discuss this frustration. Read it!



More Jucing …

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Dangerous goods label for oxidizing agents

Dangerous goods label for oxidizing agents (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a BLOG on juicing vs. blending. They talk about frozen vs. fresh vegetables as an alternative. They also talk about a juice fast. This is not a real fast (water only) but one that is loaded with nutrients. These fasts cleanse the body of toxins and oxidants. These get stored in our body from bad food and non organic foods. We have already talked about the benefits of juicing (lose weight, cleanse, more strength, awareness and energy). If you juice don’t go back and have a huge meal, this defeats the purpose. Keep solid meals health and small. Eat more often but smaller meals.

To Juice or not to Juice


Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juic...

Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juicing machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Juicing is becoming more popular. Many people find it a way to eat vegetables they don’t like by adding sweet tasting fruits. It is better for you than eating fast foods or animal products. What we need to be aware of is it strips out natures fiber. Fruit has sugar, we have talked about this before but it packs the sugar in bundles of fiber. The fiber acts as time release capsules. The sugar is slowly released into our systems which is safer and healthier than an immediate sugar rush from candy bars or juices. Commercial juicing strips almost all fiber out. Home juicing leaves some but it’s not as much as eating a piece of raw fruit as nature intended it.

Juice if you must but eat some raw fruits and vegetables as well as some vegetables slightly cooked. DO NOT OVER COOKED YOUR VEGGIES!

Enzyme Inhibitors in Plants Improve our Mood!

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Schematic diagram of a competitive inhibitor.

Schematic diagram of a competitive inhibitor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Greger says Enzyme inhibitors in fruits and vegetables may help explain the improvement in mood associated with switching to a plant-based diet.
Share the good feelings by sharing this video! Remember eat more plant-based foods and enjoy your life.

Is Organic Really Better for you and your Family?

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Organic Foods

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You better believe it is! My sister Kathy sent me an article on eating organics from the American Academy of Pediatrics. It says eating organic can reduce risk of many diseases. Starting children on organics early can prevent a buildup of toxins in their bodies and help them live a health life. The question really is do you believe food created naturally by God/nature is better for you than food created by man? If you do, why are you still buying so many cans, bottles, jars, boxes and frozen bags of food? People say to me they don’t like organic foods. I tell them just sprinkle some lawn fertilizer on it and you have what is sold in most supermarkets.



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Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, sh...

Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, showing colour Shot with Nikon D70s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wine is such a mysterious drink. We read about both good & bad about it. Too much alcohol in any form is bad! Wine, in moderation, is good for us. There are so many complex chemical reactions in wine, we can’t begin to understand them. Some of these reactions can trigger epigenetics to turn ON/OFF genes. Wine relaxes you from stress and that will help your health. Beware of commercial wines with too much preservatives added. If you are into sweet wines, try to drink more dry wines. The loss of sugar will help you. Red wines have powerful antioxidants and will help your health (when drunk in moderation). Enjoy your life eat well and drink responsibly.

Healthy Food in a Rainbow of Colors

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English: Healthy Food For Life logo

English: Healthy Food For Life logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Therapy Book BLOG ran a great article on eating healthy fruits and vegetables that come in a rainbow of colors. We know dark-colored plants are great for us but variety is key. Eat a wide variety of plant-based foods and reap the health benefits. Most diseases are caused by our immune system being unable to fight the disease. Multi-colored plant-based foods helps to build our immune system up and strengthen our ability to avoid diseases.

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