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Cavendish bananas are the main commercial bana...

Cavendish bananas are the main commercial banana cultivars sold in the world market. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On December 20, 2013 I BLOGged on bananas. They are a great health food source. I found an interesting BLOG on facts about banana. With food so rich in nutrients and so important to our health, why aren’t every American eating them? Here is a summary of things bananas help you with:

  1. PMS
  2. Anemia
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Brain Power
  5. Constipation
  6. Hangover
  7. Heartburn
  8. Morning Sickness
  9. Mosquito Bites
  10. Nerves
  11. Work Pressure
  12. Ulcers
  13. Temperature Control

Read the linked BLOG above to get more information an each of these areas. EAT YOUR BANANAS!


Are Bananas our Good Friends?

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Cavendish bananas are the main commercial bana...

Cavendish bananas are the main commercial banana cultivars sold in the world market. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nature knows Org. says “After reading this you’ll never look at a banana in the same way again.” The article says bananas are great for:

  1. Depression
  2. Anemia
  3. Brain Power
  4. Constipation
  5. Hang Overs
  6. Heart Burn
  7. Morning Sickness
  8. Nerves
  9. Ulcers
  10. Temperature Control

Should any kitchen be without these powerful fruits?

A Pill for Every Ill?

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Here is a BLOG by Dr Olver that says from a medical point of view what my BLOG has been saying. We are taking too many pills and they are NOT working! Lifestyle changes to diet and thinking do work but YOU have to do them forever. It is not enough to just think about it or dabble in it, says Dr. Olver. The power to be healthy and to heal existing diseases is in your hands. Use it …

Synergy Health

Dr Pam Olver, GP, Writer for Synergy Health

What are you expecting when you go to the doctor?  Perhaps it is advice or an opinion. Maybe you merely need some reassurance or a repeat prescription?  Or are you really just hoping to get a pill to sort out whatever it is that is bothering you? Do you think there is a pill for every ill?

Modern Medicine: Solutions and Short-comings

Modern medicine has given us many solutions, pills and potions that have had truly life changing impacts on our survival and quality of life. Think of penicillin or insulin for example. But while medicine has made magnificent advances we are constantly reminded of its many short-comings. We have the ever-looming threats of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and the ‘obesity epidemic’. Modern medicine shows no signs of saving us from these despite the massive amounts of money being spent on trying…

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Why You Should Read my BLOG



Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Health information is confusing at best. We read about studies that say something is bad for you then another study says it’s good for you. People get frustrated and eat what they want. This is what large groups like the Meat packers, Diary Industry, etc want. Always remember corporations are making big money from meat, dairy products and sugar. They are protecting their industries by finding studies that support their products as good for you.

Doctors are not dietitians. At most they take one elementary class and it’s on baby diets. Their normal classes are from books paid for by big drug companies. Instead of learning the cause of illnesses, they learn how to identify a symptom and then prescribe a drug. No one is looking for cures! If we were to cure heart disease, cancer or even any of the dementia’s the drug companies would lose billions. Health is BIG BUSINESS in America!

Some rules to govern your life and your health:

  1. Understand big business’ influence on you
  2. Understand that TV commercials are powerful and influence you to buy. Watch a drug commercial. As they are talking about serious side effects including death, they are showing a loving couple or parents with kids living a happy life. This subliminal message causes you to want this solution.
  3. Understand that doctors will not have cures but drugs for you to take. They are NOT evil, they just don’t understand. You don’t have to take drugs for all problems.
  4. Do your own research on side effects of drugs, way it against health and life.
  5. Do research on what a proper diet, positive thinking and lowered stress can do for your health. This BLOG is dedicated to bringing this information to you.
  6. Understand that you are NOT controlled by your DNA. You can change bad effects via epigenetics through changes to diet, thinking and stress.
  7. Health is a matter of your choice! Choose wisely. You can be healthy or sick, it’s up to you.

You should NOT do what I write about because I write about it. I am only bringing messages from scientific groups and informed doctors to you. I bring it to you in my book and this BLOG. An eBook version of my book is about $3 and this BLOG is free. Read it, think about it and do your own research. Then make an informed decision. What is at stake is your family’s health and happiness as well as your own.

Hot Sauce in Nose for Headaches?

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Hot Sauce Labels

Hot Sauce Labels (Photo credit: Atelier Teee)

Dr. Greger says capsaicin in hot sauce putting it in your nose feels hot and hurts but after several days it had no effect on the person. They found that a nerve has something called substance P which allows pain to be transmitted. Hot sauce exhausts the nerves of substance P so no pain was felt. Cluster headaches can actually be decreased by hot sauce. The nerves in the nose as the same as what’s involved in cluster headaches. 80% of the people in the test responded well and had decreased headache pain.


Arsenic in our meats

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Arsenic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) says about 2 million pounds of arsenic were sold in 2010 that made its way to meat products. Meats are dangerous enough without having arsenic added to them!

Bill Gates is back programming! This Time he’s Programming Us!

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Image representing Bill Gates as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

This time it’s our Immune System – We have spoken a lot about the difficulties of genetically engineering our bodies in this BLOG. Looking at the cell and its programming through epigenetics, we can see how complex a system it is. I always cringe when someone says we should genetically engineer anything. The complexity goes well beyond our current scientific understanding. Bill Gates is genetically engineering milk to change the bacteria in out guts. This in turn will reprogram our immune system. Bill is a genius in computer programming but does he really understand what he is getting into here?

New Evidence That Red Meat Raises Risk of Cancer

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English: A picture of 3 dairy products produce...

English: A picture of 3 dairy products produced by Dairy Belle, a subsidiary of Tiger Brands of South Africa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A study reported by PSA Rising, says that eating meat and milk products seems to cause a favorable rise in tumor growth. This can lead to cancer. If you are a big meat and milk and cheese eater, try reducing your intake drastically. Supplement your immune system by eating more fruits and vegetables. Give yourself a fighting chance.