Do These Genes Make Me Look Fat?


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Ezine Articles by Russ Curran says “Your genetic makeup can be optimized to help you lose weight, live longer, and achieve a state of permanent wellness. Nutrigenomics can be utilized for weight loss and anti-aging strategies by postponing or even eliminating disease from your genetic makeup and turning off any fat genes inherited from your parents. You can live a longer, healthier life and pass this health on to your future descendants.” In the future we will have special diets built for our genotype but today all you have to do is eat plenty of plant-based foods.


Can I Really be Healthy?


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Ezine Articles by Robert Avery M.D. FACP ,had a great article on how epigenetics and nutrigenomics work. They also related how cancer is caused. It is not by bad genes but cancer genes called oncogenes being turned on and tumor suppressor genes being turned off. This process of turning our genes on and off is what makes us human, alive and functional but
sometimes the environment triggers wrong switching of our genes. When this happens, we can get bad diseases. When asked if there was a link between food and epigenetics, Dr Avery says YES! He says fruits, vegetables and green teas have very positive effects on our epigenetics. We were built and programmed on plant-based foods. When we start to live a life that excludes these important health foods, we pay the price.