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Death (Photo credit: tanakawho)

That is the question! Do we diet properly and eat healthy foods or do we allow disease into our lives and premature death? Humans are funny. Even when they know something can kill them, they continue to do it. Smoking is a good example. There is no doubt that smoking is dangerous to our health, yet so many people continue to do it. Is it because they feel it’s cool? It is NOT cool to get sick and die before your time. Diet affects all of us. A good healthy diet can prolong life and make it more enjoyable. A poor diet can make you sick, sad and miserable in life. We all have a choice. Make yours wisely!

Can our diet actually change our genetics through epigenetics?


AmeriCorps-Computer Program Joke

AmeriCorps-Computer Program Joke (Photo credit: farrellink)

Live Strong says diet does cause genes to get turned ON or OFF thus affecting our genetic programming. Although the actual DNA doesn’t change, what it does will change! A computer program is very similar. The program code doesn’t change but the data being read causes the program to branch to different routines and do different things. The environment, including diet, is data for our genetic programming. It is read at the cellular level as nutrients and can cause genes to be turned ON or OFF. Thus switching of genes affects what our genetic programming does. The graphic to the right shows a computer program but is very similar to our genetic programs. Understand the inputs (environment) and processes (genes) and you will better understand the outcomes (health and well being).