DQ french fries

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Ask.com has an article on foods to avoid with Acid Reflux. In this article there are several groups of foods and then specific items in each group. As we have been saying in this BLOG avoid, meats, dairy, sugars, juices, and creamy fats. Under their vegetable category they list French fries and raw onion to be avoided. French fries are fried and onions can be heavy on some peoples stomachs. Under the fruits category is mostly juices. I have talked about the fact that drinking fruit juice is NOT the same as eating fruit. Juices have all the sugars with little of the fiber. This causes your sugar levels to be elevated too quickly. Finally under the grains category they list Macaroni and Cheese & Spaghetti with sauce. The cheese is bad it’s dairy and the sauce is tomato which can be hard on some people’s stomachs. Again we see it is what we eat that affects us in so many ways. How do you eat?