50% of Men will Disappoint you!

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We are the number one country in male erectile dysfunction. Yeah America your number 1! Most men get warnings for years before they can’t get an erection says Dr Greger. The male penis can predict cardiac problems early on. It is an area that is blood intensity. If you’re piping is becoming clogged, that is where it will show up first. Plague making cholesterol is the cause. It mainly comes from animal based foods. Eating less animal protein and more plant-based protein will not only improve your sex life, it will make you healthier and may allow you to live longer. Your heart will thank you.

So ladies, find yourself a man who eats a lot of fruits and vegetables and he will keep you satisfied throughout life. Attracted to meat eaters and you may have a lifetime of lonely evenings. Remember in America 50% of men suffer from this. So next time you are looking for a date, half of the men you are looking at will disappoint you.

You Are Erectile Dysfunction

You Are Erectile Dysfunction (Photo credit: Jeremy Brooks)


Will Thanksgiving Turkey make you Sexually Dysfunctional?

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Dr Micheal Greger

Dr Micheal Greger (Photo credit: PigBusiness)

Dr. Greger has another interesting video on the effects of canned foods and sliced turkey. They contain a chemical called BPA which has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Watch what you eat!