Natures Own Bump App


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Anyone with a smart phone knows about the Bump App. It allows you to select a calendar event, contact or picture and bump with another Smartphone user to pass the information on. The University of Utah, in the same article as we spoke about yesterday, says that close by cells can shake and bump and cause information to be passed on to a neighbor. What are our cells passing along? What are they saying? If we could listen in and understand we would solve almost all illnesses. Maybe someday we will have experts that can listen to and understand our cells language of epigenetics. Then we can begin to live a healthy illness free life without drugs.

Ban on Junk Food in Schools

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Edmonton Canada bans junk food in schools An article in CBC News Canada reports on this ban. I applaud their decision and understand how hard this is when companies like the big soda companies put tremendous pressure on school boards to sell soda. This ban doesn’t include what is brought from home. So you can still send anything you want to school with your child. I would love to see this start here in the US. Maybe we can curb the childhood diseases that are on an increase and obesity in children. They can’t fight for themselves so we have to do it for them.