What’s in the Food you Eat?

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I recently ran across a BLOG, that tells you interesting things about the foods you eat and what you can substitute for a healthy diet. My BLOG looks at things we do in life that can positively or negatively affect our health through the new science of epigenetics. These influences are diet, belief, stress, exercise and thinking. If you are a positive thinker that eats healthy and exercises, you are probably very healthy. The Who Kew About Food BLOG can help you get a better perspective on healthy eating.

Are you an Emotional Unhealthy Eater?

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We eat poorly because we feel bad. We feel bad because we eat poorly. It is a viscous circle. It can be broken! Once broken we start to feel better, on top of our game. As we feel better we eat better and enjoy it more. I have written about how great fruits and vegetables taste once you are off fried foods, sugars and salts. Sugar, fat and salt are our bitter enemies. They will make us feel bad, depressed and eat the wrong foods. This cycle will get us sick and we feel worse and eat worse. Stop the cycle, start eating what your body wants and needs, not what you emotions want. Change your life and live happier and more healthy.