The Human Body is a Living Community

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Cell Biology

Cell Biology (Photo credit: ex_magician)

We are made up of more than 10 trillion living cells. That is a huge community. More than all the animals on Earth! Each cell takes in nourishment and raw materials to build things, they excrete waste, they multiply to create a new generation of cells and they make decisions about the environment they find themselves in. They also communicate with each other. These cells are living organisms by any definition. They are grouped into local communities like our skin, heart, lungs, muscles, bones, etc. The whole body is a larger community similar to cities in states in countries. Just like in our cities, when things get back the city deteriorates and can die all together. Our cells can go bad (cancer or disease) and this can proliferate to other cells and harm the local community (heart, lungs, etc) or the whole body (death). Epigenetics allows cells to work on local activities like being a heart or a ling and communicate with other cells in the community and external to it. Epigenetics allows each cell to sample its environment and make decisions on how to react. These decisions can cause us to be healthy or sick. Cells don’t choose to go bad and cause cancer, they try to react to something in the environment and that can cause cancer.

Eat well and healthy, exercise, think positive and believe in life and happiness. Lower your stress through meditation. These simple rules will make you happy, loving and healthy.


We are as Lost as the Dinosaurs

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Tyrannosaurus rex, Palais de la Découverte, Paris

Tyrannosaurus rex, Palais de la Découverte, Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know the dinosaurs were wiped out because of sudden environmental change that their epigenetics could not deal with. A meteor hit Earth and caused sudden climatic change. It would have been hard for them to adapt that fast. Some life did, like mammals and we are the result of that adaptation and survival. Today we have strong environmental influences that are killing us, maybe not as fast but as sure. Smoking causes changes to our epigenetics that ends up killing the body. It cannot adapt and move on. The big difference is the Dinosaurs didn’t cause their destruction but we are causing ours. Think about what you are doing to your body the next time you light up.

Who Programmed Us?



Image by MuseumofWorldCulture via Flickr

Was it God, nature or another intelligent race? One popular scientific theory is that life came to Earth billions of years ago as its building blocks, amino acids. They may still be arriving on Earth on asteroids. These building blocks formed simple proteins which formed single cell creatures that evolved into multi-celled creatures including humans. These early building blocks formed DNA and epigenetics. The epigenetics was a programming of the DNA to accomplish a higher rate of survivability for life. It also specialized cells to do partiocular tasks for the organism. We are just the latest version of that life. What will come in the distant future? Would we even recognize such a creature? Someone programmed these building blocks to react in ways that allowed them to adapt to ever changing environments. To grow, reproduce and increase the survivability of DNA. The programming is far beyond our capabilities to even understand. Who did it and for what purpose?