Sickness is America’s most Profitable Business!

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'In Sickness and Health' Oil on canvas

‘In Sickness and Health’ Oil on canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sickness business is booming. Gross revenues look like annual budgets of medium size countries. Profits are up. Just stop and think about the drug companies. Their products have horrible side effects yet they still spend millions to advertise them. Why? because if people die, it doesn’t matter. There are always new kids growing up to buy the drugs. Hospitals are cropping up everywhere. Medical centers are like McDonald’s on each street corner. Our health care system is costing way too much and it will break at some point.

It is sad when we look at the research I have BLOGged about and understand that health can be improved cheaply and safely by changing our diet, exercising, meditating and thinking positive. You will never see anyone advertise this on national TV. Why? because there is no money in being healthy only in being sick. Imagine a large percentage of our great country suddenly got healthy. The trillion-dollar medical & drug system would lose all that. Do you really think they want that to happen?


The Day of The Zombies!


;Title: "fast food is the best!"

;Title: “fast food is the best!” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are a nation of zombies following every commercial on TV or radio. Why are there so many drug commercials? Don’t drug companies sell to doctors? They are selling to us so we accept that this drug will fix this problem even with the horrible side effects (zombies don’t care about side affects they are already dead). We then go and tell our doctors we want that drug. So we are selling the drug to our doctors. How about food? We live on the SAD diet. Standard American Diet and its bad for us. Eating all the junk that makes us sick then we need the drugs that make us sicker. Is anyone else bothered by this cycle? The worst part is that the drugs aren’t even working. If they were we wouldn’t be building more hospitals and medical centers. Take a look we are bulging at the seams, just like our waistlines.

Health care will totally collapse if this continues. The only way to stop it is take our own health into our own hands. Start eating correctly and improve your diet. Tell your doctors you want to get off the drugs as your health improves. Don’t be SAD with your diet be happy and energized by it. You owe it to yourself and your family.Being ill causes the another epigenetic change that will make us sicker … STRESS!

Look at the picture on my BLOG today. Do you really believe Fast Food is the Best? Don’t become a statistic by eating yourself into an early grave. LIVE


Diagnostic Errors in Doctor’s Office is a Major Health Problem!

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drugs (Photo credit: Phoenix Dark-Knight)

New York Reuters Health says mistakes in surgery and prescribing drugs cause major problems, misdiagnosis in the primary care doctors office is worse! Medicine is getting very complex. Drugs and drug interactions are causing new problems. The numbers of surgeries are up so doctors errors are up as well. So many people are getting sick that the primary care doctor is seeing more and more patients leading to increased problems in diagnostics. This trend will get worse as America continues to get sicker. We can change all this by eating healthier, exercising and staying happy and positive. Imagine a world where medical facilities are rare, deaths due to doctor errors are few and drugs are seldom taken. It can be our world if we really want it.

Are drugs Worth it?

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drugs (Photo credit: Phoenix Dark-Knight)


There are cases were we need a drug to stop an infection or help with pain but most drugs we see on TV are to solve minor things like acid reflex. The side effects are so much worse than the thing we are trying to resolve! Is it really worth taking them? I don’t believe so. These maladies that we are taking drugs for can easily be resolved safely through diet. Acid reflex, most chronic illnesses including cancer and heart disease, gout, obesity, and so on and so on… When will we learn that we have evolved with plants to help us live a healthy life. Man made drugs are no comparison to what nature gives us free. The next time you see a drug commercial take note how many there are and how bad the side effects are. Then note what the drug is supposed to cure. Change your life-style and live healthier.



Are We Skin Covered Petri Dishes?


Petri dish

Image via Wikipedia

Dr Bruce Lipton and Wayne Dyer talk about Prozac, one of the most widely prescribed drugs, has the same effect as a sugar pill. This means it is the placebo effect at work not the drug. They also discuss drugs used for severely depressed patients. They change our brain chemistry but in a study done, the patients were told to think of a happy time. They were taken off their medication and the brain chemistry was the same as from the drug. So we can cure ourselves with the right thinking. Dr Lipton likens us to a skin covered Petri Dish. Our cells living in a Petri Dish will die in a bad environment and flourish in a good one. WATCH THIS VIDEO AND LEARN!

The Land of Drugs and Home of the Sick

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drugsAmerica has become all about drugs. Now I know we need some drugs. We need operations and the drugs that go along with that. We need drugs for infections. We have gone too far with drugs to fix symptoms of other drugs, drugs that cure nothing only eliminate a symptom and drugs that can not be stopped. Think about it from a business point of view. I make a product that doesn’t do what it says. Once you buy it, you need to keep buying it. This is a billion dollar business going into a trillion-dollar one. The answer to most minor problems as well as most major illnesses like cancer, heart disease, dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and more is in our diet, stress and thinking. If you eat more plant-based foods and less saturated fats and sugar and salt, if you stress less and think positive about yourself and your life, you will be healthy and happy. No drugs needed! It is your choice.