Weeding Out the Gene Pool!

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Grace Ault, PhD [about epigenetics’ role beyond treatment] – Since methylation running amok can be reversed; epigenetics might allow doctors to deactivate the seeds of cancer before actual growth. “One thing that’s known is that diet, exposure to pollutants, or drugs—those things can actually change the methylation patterns of DNA,” says Ault. Even the amount of exercise a person gets can change a cell’s epigenetics. Everything we do or don’t do programs who and what we are. Our bodies through epigenetics try to react to diet, environment and our frame of mind. These reactions were intended to evolve us into better creatures able to adapt to whatever world we found ourselves in. Our modern world is changing everything way too fast. This causes epigenetics to sometimes react in ways that are not beneficial to us. Does this programming realize that we are headed down a slippery slope? Does it realize we are doomed so it weeds us out of the “bad” gene pool? Maybe disease is nature’s way of keeping the flower bed free of weeds!


Secret Chemicals in Your Food?

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The Washington Post ran an article today on “Are secret, dangerous ingredients in your food? Please read the article at this link! It seems they cab do their own tests, draw their own conclusions and then decide to add these chemicals to our foods without notifying the FDA. Do you trust your lives and the lives of your families with the big food companies? I don’t! We have enough disease (heart, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc) in this country! These additives are deemed safe by the food companies and not included on the labels. If we don’t know they are there, how can we determine if they are really safe.

The only true answer is to return to natural living. DO NOT buy processed foods. If it comes in a can, box, frozen package it is processed. Some natural appearing things like baby carrots are also processed pieces of scrap and not healthy! Buy and cook what grows! Buy from an organic farmer. Processed foods do not save time or money. All they do is make you ill.

We have GMO wheat that studies show increase weight issues of Americans. Where will this stop? You can take control of your livers, your food and your health. Do it before its to late for your family!


How Incredible Our Bodies Are!

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Friday, I posted a very important video from Dr. Lipton on how our cells are intelligent. They communicate with each other, reproduce, respond to stimuli, take in nutrients and get rid of waste. He discussed the fact that the nucleus with our DNA was NOT the brain of the cell but a database of blueprints to build things needed by the cells. The brain was external to the cell, the environment. It stimulates our cells in good and bad ways. Nutrients cause the cells to move toward the nutrients while toxins cause the cell to move away. Genes are turned ON/OFF by different stimuli from the environment. Cancer genes gets turned ON (epigenetics) because of things in our environment like poor diet & exercise, toxins and negative thinking. We are creatures made up of all the living cells in our bodies. They are trying to react to the various stimuli in our environment. Sometimes this causes a break down in control; resulting in disease. Sometimes our bodies overcome negativity and take in positive thinking and good nutrients and survives disease free.

We are amazing creatures designed to evolve with our planet. We are changing all the time but it takes time for the cells to catch up to major environmental changes. In the last few hundred years we have increased toxins, poor nutrients, introduction of toxins in our food supply and stress in our lives. All of this is overwhelming our cells. This causes diseases like cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, COPD and many other chronic diseases. Many times these diseases lead to premature death.

You can reverse this by changing your lifestyle! Eat better (non processed whole organic foods and less animal products), exercise more, think more positive and lower the stress on yourself. For more information see my book “Food for Thought”!

Easy Cancer Prevention

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First I am back! We moved and I have been spending all my time packing and unpacking but its over and I am back to my BLOGs!

Cancer is a concern to all of us. In my BLOG and book, I focus on foods that prevent cancer and can even cure it if you already have it. Spices have been used as remedies for ages. Some spices have near miraculous healing powers. Tumeric used in many Indian dishes is one such spice. It comes from Curcumin. Dr Greger says, Curcumin has the ability to stop cancer at all of its stages (transformation, tumor formation, proliferation, tumor growth, invasion and metastasis). He also says this spice can help even before carcinogens get to our cells.

My belief is nature is very complex and has evolved plants and animals in parallel. All animal based life require nutrients and antioxidants from the plant world. Plants seem to have great abilities to help us prevent diseases and cure them if we do get sick. We really do need to eat more vegetables & fruits. Many people say they don’t like the taste but it is usually how they are cooked. Try experimenting with different types and cook them only slightly. This give a nice crunch to your vegetables. After eating more your taste buds will adjust and enjoy them more and more.

Eating well makes us more energetic, we enjoy better sex, we are healthier, slim us down and sleep better. Isn’t that worth a revisit to plants?


Are Humans the Smartest Animals on Earth?

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I sometimes wonder how smart we really are. Yes we have technology that no other animals has but all life seeks out health, procreation and finds food that is nursing to its species except humans! We know soda, fried foods, salty foods, sugary foods are bad for us but we still consume them in droves. More so than any other country. Many of us know how bad animal protein is for us but we are consuming larger quantities of it than ever before. What do we have to show for it? More cancer than ever and more than other countries. Heart decease is still the number one killer of Americans. Animal protein with its saturated fat and cholesterol is the main cause. Sugary and salty foods lead to it as well. We eat far less vegetables than our parents did. Why? I think it is because we have convinced ourselves that vegetables and fruits are not good tasting. We don’t see commercials for them but we do for fast food items and sugary treats. If we were so smart, you would think that most of us would catch on and change our lives. Doing so would increase American health, decrease hospitals, nursing homes and medical offices, decrease health care costs nd raise the standard of living in America. If we keep to our current path, we are doomed! Drugs have not helped the rise of decease and won’t at any time. From a drug company prospective, it is better to keep America sick and sell them a lot of drugs for their symptoms.


Exercise vs. Diet

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On Monday I BLOGged on How Much Exercise we Need. Exercise is very important for many reasons. If you eat a very bad diet, you can not exercise your way to a slim body. If you are already slim, you may be able to maintain it. Exercising without a good diet will not save you from diseases. Look at how many athletes get cancer or die of a heart attack. We must find a combination of exercise and diet if we want to maintain our health.

The plant kingdom evolved with us over millions of years. All the nutrients we need that are missing from our bodies is contained in plants (fruits & vegetables). Modern medicines are based on nutrients found in plants. They are synthesized not actually taken from plants. We need plants to survive in this world.

Now fast forward to current time! The SAD (Standard American Diet) is a sad diet. Most Americans are eating less and less plants and more and more meat, sugars and salt. This type of diet will kill most people eating it. If you really want to protect your family, start improving your diet and start a family exercise program. It can be as simple as walking together.


How Much Exercise do we need to Maintain Weight

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Dr Greger says, “In 2013 2/3 of our nation was over weight and by 2030 about 1/2 our population will be clinically obese!” We are a nation of obese people. Obesity leads to many serious deseases that weigh heavy on our economy. He also says,”The US may have its first generation ever that has a shorter life expectancy than the previous generation. Think about that! When we look at eating vs exercise we see that the US is exercising more than it did years ago but we are consuming many more calories as well. These calories are typically in processed foods, fried foods, salty foods and sugary foods. We are eating less vegetables which is the only food group that can save our health. Read my book or older BLOGs here. Dr Greger also says tat a myth exists about sexual activity burning about 100 to 300 calories. That sounds great but when actually measured it’s more like 21 calories. It turns out to exercise enough to burn off the sodas and fast food we are eating may take hours each day. We don’t have the time. The answer is simply, CHANGE YOUR DIET!

Heart Disease in Vegans vs. Meat Eaters

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Watch this video from Dr Greger. You must watch the whole video. In the beginning he talks about studies that found same rate of death from cancer and heart disease in vegetarians and meat eaters. Even vegans was high. Later in the video he finds that people on the Mediterranean diet vs, American diet had a 70% lower rate of cancer & heart disease. What is it about this diet that is so critical? It turns out the Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 was key. Those on the American diet had a ratio of 20 while those on the Mediterranean diet had a ratio of 4. Omega 3 is dark leafy vegetables, walnuts, flax seeds and flax-seed oil. Omega 6 is cotton seed oil, corn oil, saffron oil and sunflower oil. Try to eat less of the Omega 6 foods and more of the omega 3 foods. Dr Greger says 1 to 2 tablespoons of flaxseed a day can lore this ratio into the good zone! Make sure you grind your flax seeds. The other thing that is important is Vitamin B12. Take it every day.



Beyond Meat


For those of you that don’t want to eat meat but are looking for something to make from your past, try Beyond Meats products sold at Whole Foods Markets. They have a new product called “Beyond Beef” which is made from non GMO pea protein (no soy). They make several flavors of a chicken-less product as well as several flavors of a meat-less beef product.

Their web site has several recipes to try but try your old favorites substituting this product for chicken or beef. Let me know what recipes you really love!


Legal Side of Salmonella

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The legal firm of Marler Clark states on their website that there are 1.4 million cases of salmonella poisoning each year and 95% of these are food related! 31% of all food related deaths are due to salmonella. They also state:

“Salmonella infection occurs when the bacteria are ingested, typically from food derived from infected food-animals, but it can also occur by ingesting the feces of an infected animal or person. Food sources include raw or undercooked eggs/egg products, raw milk or raw milk products, contaminated water, meat and meat products, and poultry. Raw fruits and vegetables contaminated during slicing have been implicated in several salmonella outbreaks.”

Vegans have little worry since they do not eat animal related products and can’t contaminate their vegetables from a cutting board used to cut meat. You do have to be careful when eating out.


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