Are You in a Bad Mood?


Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this video, Marin Veldic, M.D., psychiatrist at Mayo Clinic, discusses the role of epigenetics in mood disorders.This is one of the fastest growing fields of psychiatry. By comparing the blood of patients with bipolar disorder to those of normal patients, they can see epigenetic changes that may be causing depression and mood swings. Things like alcohol, smoking and eating binges can adversely affect your epigenetics and cause genes to activate that cause a bipolar condition.


Is Your Bad Mood Caused by Your Poor Diet?

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Spacefill model of thiamine of the cation in t...

Spacefill model of thiamine of the cation in thiamine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Therapy Book says “Unbalanced diets lead to unbalanced minds.” A staggering 20.9 million Americans suffer from mood disorders. Omega-3 imbalances leads to these imbalances as well as iron and thiamine. Don’t get mad! Get healthy and enjoy life more!

Death is Inevitable!

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We don’t eat healthy to avoid death. To our best knowledge, no one has ever beaten death. So being healthy is not about not dying. It’s about living better the last 10 to 20 years of your life. If you are healthy, able to get around on your own, enjoying life, you will be happier. No one wants to be a burden to others. This can lead to depression and on down a very dark path. The more you eat healthy today, the higher the probability that you will be healthy and sound tomorrow. Eat well.

Is Eating Unhealthy Foods Suicide or Murder?


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We know that eating unhealthy foods can lead to our premature death and suffering. Is this then suicide? We knowingly continued to eat foods that were killing us. If we do this and our children or grandchildren get sick and die prematurely, is that murder? These are tough ethical questions given the science of epigenetics and nutrigenomics. We are responsible for our own health and that of our children and their children. Live responsibly!

Is Your Depression Causing You to Eat Wrong?


You Are What You Eat

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WebMD says that depression can cause us to eat wrong. We may eat too little, too much, the wrong foods or just feel too tired to cook properly. These facts can lead to an even worse depression. Food is important to maintain our health by keeping our epigenetic state tuned properly like a well tuned automobile. WebMD says “Nutritional deficiencies can make depression worse. So focus on eating a variety of foods, including whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products. Consider meeting with a nutritionist who can create simple, balanced meal plans for you”.

America’s Eating Habits are Getting Worse

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WebMD reports a survey that shows our eating habits are getting
worse not better. The survey also reported:

  • American’s are eating less fruits and vegetables
  • More people are smoking than last year at this time
  • The number of people exercising 1/2 hr or more three times a week is down

This is surprising since May is typically a month that kicks off better eating habits with the abundance of fresh produce.

What is Eating

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Eating is often a social occasion.

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GeneWize eMagazine offers an explanation of what eating healthy really means. They say to “Eating healthy foods is not as difficult as it sounds. In a nutshell: drink more water, eat less fats and sugars, and eat more fruits, vegetables and grains.” I would add eat less salts and animal fats as well.