Omega-3 Protects against Parkinson’s

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Université Laval Rouge et Or Logo

Université Laval Rouge et Or Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We hear a lot about omega-3 being a good source of fat but it may also protect us from Parkinson’s Disease. This study was done by Université Laval in Canada, researchers published in the online edition of the FASEB Journal, the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. When mice were fed Omega-3, they were immune from the affects of MPCP, a compound that causes similar damage to the brain as Parkinson’s. Again we see certain foods protecting us and others causing chronic illness. Eat well, eat healthy!

Fertilizer is good for growing Grass and diseases in Humans

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Illustration of the Parkinson disease by Sir W...

Illustration of the Parkinson disease by Sir William Richard Gowers from A Manual of Diseases of the Nervous System in 1886 showing the characteristic posture of PD patients (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new research study shows Nitrates and Nitrites May Cause Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease. The Kevin Trudeau radio show quotes Suzanne de la Monte, MD, MPH, of Rhode Island Hospital, who did a study that links fertilizers in food to the above diseases. I hear people all the time saying “I don’t like organic foods”. It is so strange for me since organic simply imply no fertilizers. Regular foods have fertilizers and pesticides added. I once told someone who was complaining about organic foods to take them into the garage and sprinkle some fertilizer on it. Your choice!