Red Meat Increases the Risk of Diabetes!

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American Medical Association

American Medical Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) published a study that shows the increased consumption of red meat increases the risk of diabetes. The study was conducted by the American Medical Association. Decreasing red meat intake lowered weight gain and lowered the risk of diabetes. It’s not just sugar that raises your risk of diabetes! Also remember the so called “White Meat” is about 85% the same fat as red meat. Eating a diet of increased white meat may not be the solution either.

Light and its Effects on our Health!

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SleepDeprivation-1939 (Photo credit: DonJinTX)

The Therapy Book had another great BLOG on how light affects us.  The BLOG says, “A 2001 study revealed that sleep deprivation could lead to insulin resistance, a risk factor for the development of adult onset diabetes. A 2002 study showed chronic sleep deprivation could decrease immune function and make a person more susceptible to infection.” “high levels of cortisol and its precursor, adrenocorticotropic hormone” can lead to stress and lower our immune systems response. Hormones are epigenetic triggers. They trigger genes in each cell that respond to the stimulus. Sometimes this response is good and healthy and sometimes it’s bad and unhealthy. Our bodies are not trying to make us unhealthy only react to our environment.

How to Avoid Type 2 Diabetes

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English: The blue circle is the global symbol ...

English: The blue circle is the global symbol for diabetes, introduced by the International Diabetes Federation with the aim of giving diabetes a common identity, supporting existing efforts to raise awareness of diabetes and placing the diabetes epidemic firmly in the public spotlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Answers says that exercise and diet can prevent type 2 diabetes. Yesterday I wrote on how important exercise and diet is to health. Here is more information showing positive results on staying healthy and avoiding diabetes. We are not forced to have poor health, it is our choice. Everyday we make decisions on exercise, diet, thinking, etc that affects our cells and can affect our health. Change who you are and start living a healthier lifestyle. This use to be an adult disease but now more and more kids are getting it. As a nation we are making poor decisions about our health.

Europe Sets up a Center for Nutrigenomics



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The European Center for Nutrigenomics (NuGo) which states: “The resulting breakdown in cellular structure and function leads to those diseases we associate with old age: cancer, cardiovascular disease (CVD), type II diabetes, cataract and macula degeneration, arthritis etc. Poor diet can accelerate this process whilst 80% of case-controlled studies support the hypothesis that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of age-related illness. There are other things we can do to reduce our risk. We can maintain an appropriate weight for our height, moderate our consumption of alcohol, choose whether or not to smoke, and take regular exercise.” We see it over and over again, vegetables and fruits equate to health and happiness. If you are not big on vegetables and fruits, reconsider your plight. Learn to make vegetables that are appealing to you. Learn to be satisfied by the natural sugars in fruits. The life you save may be your own or your children or your grandchildren.

Type 2 Diabetes & Cancer and Nutrigenomics


Nutrigenomics brings diet, genetics cancer and...

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Wikibooks published an article on Metabolomics/Applications/Nutrition/Nutrigenomics that discusses “. The border between health and disease is often set by a complex equilibrium between two elements, genetics on one hand, and lifestyle on the other.” Most diseases today have their origins in epigenetics. Something we ate or did something to switch ON a set of bad genes and OFF those genes that could have helped. We know this happens but the details are very complex and relatively unknown yet. Nutrigenomics is the study of which dietary foods, in a particular individual, will switch these genes ON/OFF.




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This is part 4 of a 6 part series how milk, meat and eggs can make us sick. Your teeth, stomach acids and length of your colon are similar to herbivores NOT carnivores! Eating animal fat leads to Coronary Heart Disease, Obesity, Cancer of colon, breast & prostate, Osteoporosis, High Blood Pressure, and Adult Onset Diabetes. He also discusses how he gets his patients off medication by eating vegetarian.